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The Prisoner

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Prisoner: Living in Harmony The Prisoner
"Living in Harmony"
Audio Drama
Written by Nicholas Briggs
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Released August 2017


Number 6 finds himself caught up in an out of this world plot.


Notes from the Prisoner chronology


This episode picks up immediately after the events of "Hammer Into Anvil".


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Village Control

Number 6

Number 90/Number 9

Number 2 (Harmony)

Lunar Operations Controller


Medical Controller

Number 2 (Village) 


Didja Know?


The Big Finish version of The Prisoner is an audio drama reimagining of the classic 1967 TV series of the same name.


The series can occasionally be heard on the BBC Radio website.


This episode is titled after an episode of the classic 1967 TV series, but the plot is very different. In the original, Number 6 finds himself in a small town of the American old west called Harmony. In our current story, he finds himself trapped at a base on the Moon called Harmony.




Didja Notice?


The opening musical theme of this episode is different from that of past episodes. Past episodes had a new version of the theme from the original TV series. This episode's opening musical theme seems to be the Prisoner theme mixed with music similar to the title theme of the 1970-71 British TV series UFO! A nice wink to viewers of late 1960s/early 1970s British sci-fi television, considering Number 6 spends the episode trapped at a secret base on the moon. UFO featured a moon base in a number of episodes.

The music that plays when the Number 2 of the Harmony moon base is preparing to receive the space capsule carrying Numbers 6 and 90 is "The Blue Danube", an 1866 waltz by Austrian composer Johann Strauss II. The piece was famously used for a couple of space station and moon arrival scenes in the classic 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Harmony has its own Number 2, separate from that of the Village.


Inhabitants of Harmony travel around the moon base via "travel tube". This same term was used for the conveyance used within Moonbase Alpha in the 1975-1977 British TV series Space: 1999.


Number 6 asks the Russian Number 2 of Harmony if the base is Soviet; she does not quite answer the question. The Soviet Union was a communist union of nations made up of Russia and a number of conquered satellite countries from 1922-1991.


Number 6 wonders how the powers-that-be of the Village made it to the Moon when NASA and the Soviets have not managed to do it yet. This episode takes place in 1968; in the real world, NASA did not land men on the Moon until July 20, 1969.


Number 6 allegedly had a broken spine and Number 90 a fatal concussion after their space capsule crash-landed on the Moon. They were seemingly mended almost instantly by Harmony's medical technology.


Number 90 smashes open a window in her quarters in Harmony by swinging a table at it. The air immediately begins to rush out of the room, requiring base personnel to rescue her and Number 6. It seems unlikely that a window looking out on the Moon's airless surface would be so easily breakable.


Number 2 cracks that if she set Number 6 free, he would come back and "wipe this place off the face of the Moon." This refers back to Number 6's well-known statement in both this series and the original TV series that he intended to escape the Village, come back, and wipe the place of the face of the Earth.


The medical center of Harmony is referred to as Medical Center. The same name was used for medical on Space: 1999.


Explaining her escape plan to Number 6, Number 9 says the moon shuttles are programmed to automatically fly back to Earth when launched and Number 6 compares it to the Underground train to London. He is referring to the London Underground, also popularly known as the Tube, the mass transit subway system currently used in London and its environs which has been in operation since 1863.


When Numbers 6 and 90 return to the Village, Number 2 hails 6 as a hero, but declares that 90 is a traitor and "unmutual". In the original TV series episode "A Change of Mind", citizens who have been declared unmutual by the Village Committee are shunned by their fellow residents. But here in our current story, she is swallowed by Rover instead.

Memorable Dialog

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it's the Moon.mp3
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wipe this place off the face of the Moon.mp3
tomorrow you're on meteor watch.mp3
am I becoming one of you?.mp3
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