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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

at popapostle-dot-com
Terminator: Zero Day Exploit (Part 1) Terminator
"Zero Day Exploit" Part 1
Terminator: Resistance - Zero Day Exploit
Digital comic book
Script: Arvid Nelson
Art: Andy McDonald
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Raymond Swanland
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Released November 2019


The South Division Resistance harbors a scientist who is studying Terminators.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This story takes place in 2026 as a prequel to the 2028 events of the video game Terminator: Resistance. I have placed it in a timeline spun off from Judgment Day (Timeline JD-5, in this case) because the end of the game depicts three Terminators sent back in time: a T-800 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (as seen in The Terminator), a T-1000 prototype to 1995 to kill John Connor (as seen in Judgment Day), and a T-850 sent a few weeks back to kill Jacob Rivers (the hero of the game). No mention is made of the T-X that was sent back to 2004 to kill John Connor's lieutenants in Rise of the Machines. Though the game and comics were released to coincide with the release of the movie Terminator: Dark Fate, they do not seem to have any connection to that story.


Didja Know?


Zero Day Exploit was a pair of digital comic books by Dark Horse Comics produced as a prequel to the video game Terminator: Resistance. The comics were originally available only with a digital code provided with purchase of a physical copy of the game. The issues feature background stories of Commander Baron and Dr. Mack from the game.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this comic


Lt. Jessica Baron

Dr. Edwin Mack

Commander Perry (dies in this story)

Kyle Reese

John Connor (mentioned only)

284 Squad

909 Squad (found deceased)

Skynet (mentioned only) 




Didja Notice?


The story opens on March 29, 2026.


Lt. Baron is a member of Tech-Com. This is the unit of the Resistance that Kyle Reese stated he was a member of in The Terminator.


Lt. Baron writes in her personal diary that her Tech-Com group has eaten all the rats at their compound and is now down to dog food and maraschino cherries. Maraschino cherries are the jarred, artificially-colored cherries packed in sugar syrup that are traditionally associated as a garnish on some cocktails. Apparently, a truckload of them was found by Kyle Reese.


Tech-Com leader Perry is here called Commander Perry. Kyle Reese mentioned that he served under Perry in Tech-Com in The Terminator. Here, Perry is African-American, as he also is in episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In Dawn of Fate, he is a Caucasian man with a (possibly Central American Indian style) tattoo on his face and his full name is given as Major General Justin Perry. At the end of our current story, Perry's dog tag does also use the "Justin Perry" name, plus giving him the middle initial H. It gives his serial number as DN54638 and blood type as Rh negative B.


On page 7 of the story, notice that in Perry and Baron's quarters, they have hooks on the wall for His and Hers plasma rifles.


This story introduces the T-47 Hunter-Killer, seen more completely in Resistance.


On page 17 of the story, a Resistance member helps to guide civilians through the old Metro tunnels, saying in Spanish, "Aquí...mami. Aquí, vamos." This translates as "Here...mother. Here, we go."


The South Division Resistance unit's headquarters is compromised by Skynet, so they are forced to move to a new, pre-scouted location. It appears it may be the location we saw Kyle Reese based at in the future-flashback scenes of

The Terminator.


Reese rigs the access tunnel to the old base with C4 to prevent Skynet from tracking where the Resistance members fled to. C4 is a type of plastic explosive, Composition C-4.


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