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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"The Enemy Within" Part 3
Terminator: The Enemy Within #3
Dark Horse
Script: Ian Edington
Art: Vince Giarrano
Cover by Simon Bisley
January 1992


C890.L attempts to track and kill Dudley and Mary; the new resistance group hits town; Astin approaches Hollister with an offer.


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Didja Notice?


In C890.L's battle with the police, most of the police appear to be firing Smith and Wesson .38 Specials. Some are armed with shotguns. C890.L appears to be carrying an Uzi and an M-16 (obtained from Alamo Home Defense and Hunting Goods, where the cops have attempted to pin him down).


A receptionist at Cyberdyne tells Dudley that Dr. Hollister is at the Ellison Valley plant. Ellison Valley appears to be a fictional town, probably named for writer Harlan Ellison, who sued Orion Pictures, claiming that The Terminator was based on his 1964 Outer Limits episode, "Soldier", about a soldier from the future who travels back in time and ultimately sacrifices his life fighting his future enemy in 1964 (Orion Pictures reached a settlement with Ellison for an undisclosed amount of money and a credit in future releases of the film).


On page 10 and onward, C890.L seems to have lost the big horns on his metallic skull, as they would not be able to fit under the police hat he wears with his disguise. In "The Enemy Within" Part 4, we see that all of the spikes are gone except for the ones on his knuckles.


Also on page 10 and onward, C890.L appears to be carrying two slightly different models of Uzi submachine guns.


On page 11, a freeway sign suggests that Mary and Dudley are on Interstate 5, with opposing exits for Park Blvd. and 4th Ave. This indicates they may be in San Diego, CA, which has Park and 4th intersections in close proximity to each other on I-5. Possibly they are heading back to Mexico.


On page 12, the gang members have a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror of their car. The hanging of fuzzy dice from the rear-view mirror of an automobile was popular in the U.S. from the 1950s-80s.


The gang members each carry a different type of gun when they ambush the "cop" (C890.L): an Uzi, an M-16, and an unidentified type of pistol.


Ironically, on page 21, the Cyberdyne slogan is shown to be "For the best of all possible futures."


On page 22, Sloane calls for back-up, stating he's at the Cyberdyne plant at Ellison and Oliver. There is no such intersection in Los Angeles or San Diego. The reference to Ellison harkens back, of course, to the fictional Ellison Valley mentioned earlier in this issue, site of a second Cyberdyne plant. 


Also on page 22, we see that Sloane has borrowed from the LAPD evidence room a grenade gun; it looks similar to (but not an exact match) to the Hawk MM-1 grenade gun used as a tear gas launcher by the T-800 in Judgment Day.


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