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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: Welcome to the Club Firefly
"Welcome to the Club"
Firefly #8
BOOM! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Dan McDaid
Inks by Vincenzo Federici
Colored by Marcelo Costa
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover A by Lee Garbett
July 2019


Our splintered damn heroes all get in deeper than they thought.


Didja Know?


The issues of this series were untitled. I came up with the title "Welcome to the Club" from a line of dialog in the issue.

Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue

Shepherd Book
Boss Moon
Governor Paul Tomlinson
Boss Moon's mother (unnamed, on stellarcom only)
Boss Moon's ex-wife (unnamed, mentioned only)
Boss Moon's ex-husband (unnamed, mentioned only)
Lank Darling
Sgt. Antonio
Boss Singh


Didja Notice?


On page 1, after confronting the new Browncoat "army", Wash tells them he spent most of the war in a POW camp. POW, of course, stands for "prisoner of war". Although this was not previously canon, actor Alan Tudyk (Wash) joked in the audio commentary of "War Stories" that Wash had served as a pilot during the war but was shot down on his first flight and spent the rest of it in a POW camp entertaining the other prisoners with shadow puppets. Writer Greg Pak may have now made that piece of Wash's history canon!


On page 8, Paul tells Inara that Mal is accused of the Bayliss Hospital massacre. This must have been an incident during the Unification War.


On page 9, Inara seems to admit her love for Mal to Paul.


On page 13, Boss Moon tells Mal that things have gone crabfoot. By "crabfoot" she means "sideways".


On page 17, Paul uses what appears to be an old-timey telephone as he receives the report that Boss Moon has been arrested. Since Paul seems to be a rich man, the telephone may be a modified antique from Earth-That-Was. In "Trash", several antique phone items were seen in the rare artifact collection of wealthy landowner Durran Haymer at his estate.


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