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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: The Sting (Part 4) Firefly
"The Sting" Part 4
Chapter Four of Firefly: The Sting
Graphic Novel
BOOM! Studios
Written by Delilah S. Dawson
Illustrated by Hyeonjin Kim
Colored by Natalia Marquez
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover by Marco D'Alfonso
November 2019


Saffron's diamond heist is made, but what will be the aftermath?


Didja Know?


Firefly: The Sting was originally released as a hardcover graphic novel by BOOM! Studios in November 2019. The graphic novel is broken down into 5 chapters, each illustrated by a different artist. Each chapter is 22 pages long, the length of an average comic book, so it seems like this story may have originally been intended to release as either 5 issues of the ongoing Firefly comic book or a separate 5-issue limited series. Regardless, I have chosen to break up this graphic novel into 5 parts for the PopApostle Firefly studies.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue





Simon (mentioned only)

Mal (mentioned only)

Wash (mentioned only)

Jayne (mentioned only)



Logar Keppelwhite (mentioned only)

Keppelwhite's housekeeper (unnamed)

Amorata Keppelwhite

Keppelwhite's children (unnamed)

Keppelwhite's grandchild (unnamed) 


Didja Notice?


Pages 1-2 of this chapter are pages from a recent diary kept by Kaylee, information that Saffron has gleaned.


On page 1, Kaylee relates that she picked up the blank diary at a discount on Leta. In "The Sting" Part 3, Inara remarked on the time Kaylee spent on Leta not long ago.


The writin' and spellin' and grammar of Kaylee's diary entries indicate that she is not well-educated.


On page 6 of this chapter, Kaylee mentions a dangerous incident on Io. This is the first mention of a world called Io in the 'Verse. Possibly, the world is named after the moon of Jupiter, which was named for the daughter of Inachus in ancient Greek mythology.


Also on page 6, Kaylee is excited about getting to ride in a Hamilton 7800. This is a previously unseen model of Land Speeder.


On page 14 of this chapter, Kaylee muses that Simon thinks Serenity is luh-suh (garbage). Simon said this in "Safe".


Chinese translations
(Thanks to the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary for the translations)
Page # Chinese English
6 Zoe calls Kaylee mei mei little sister
14 Kaylee muses that Simon thinks Serenity is luh-suh garbage


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