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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: The Gospel According to Jayne (Part 5) Firefly
"The Gospel According to Jayne" Part 5
All-New Firefly #5
BOOM! Studios
Written by David M. Booher
Illustrated by Vincenzo Federici
Colored by Matt Herms
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover by Mona Finden
June 2022


Jayne begins to become acquainted with his son.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



sheriff (in flashback only)

Wyland Trax (in flashback only)

Mattie Cobb









Temperance McCloud (mentioned only)

Jane Mary McCloud (mentioned only)

Owen Cobb

Radiant Cobb (mentioned only, deceased)


Shepherd Book (in photo only, deceased)

Wash (in photo only, deceased)



Didja Know?


All-New Firefly is a 10-issue limited series comic book (with a stand-alone Big Damn Finale special) published by BOOM! Studios in 2022. It told a single 11-part storyline that, when later published as three trade paperback collections, was titled The Gospel According to Jayne.


The "Wanted Poster" variant cover of this issue features Kaywinnet Lee Frye, wanted at an 800 credits bounty, with suspect considered highly dangerous.


Didja Notice?


On pages 5-6, Jayne and Mal bring up events on Thetis in Coogan's Bluff where Jayne's old flame Temperance had a daughter named Jane whom everyone thought must be Jayne's (but wasn't). This story was told in The Magnificent Nine.


On page 6, Mattie and Simon make mention of a group called the Underground and an individual called Cowboy. These were seen during the telling of how Simon gathered information and did some things of questionable legality to rescue River from the Alliance doctors in "River Run".


In this issue, Mattie informs Jayne that their mother, Radiant Cobb, passed away a year ago from damplung. This is the same disease Mattie has (which may be the 'Verse term for pneumonia), but Radiant had a much more severe case.


On page 10, Mattie shows Jayne he has a chullo hat made for him by their mother similar to the one Jayne received from her in the post in "The Message".


On page 14, Owen tells Jayne that people on Higgin's (sic) Moon still sing "The Ballad of Jayne Cobb". This song was first heard in "Jaynestown". The song: "The Hero of Canton".


Owen tells Jayne he doesn't know who his mother is and he grew up in a group home on Ezra. This world has appeared a few times in past stories. It is also the world around which Niska's Skyplex orbits, as seen in "The Train Job" and "War Stories".


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