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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: The Gospel According to Jayne (Part 2) Firefly
"The Gospel According to Jayne" Part 2
All-New Firefly #2
BOOM! Studios
Written by David M. Booher
Illustrated by Jordi Perez
Colored by Francesco Segala, w/ assistance by Gloria Martinelli
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover by Mona Finden
March 2022


The crew is given a tour of the Requiem monastery and offer to help the monks with a problem in exchange for some of the monastery's meager supplies.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



Father Franklin (in flashback only)



head monk


wounded monk







Shepherd Book (mentioned only, deceased)

Tax collector

Tax Collector's men 


Didja Know?


All-New Firefly is a 10-issue limited series comic book (with a stand-alone Big Damn Finale special) published by BOOM! Studios in 2022. It told a single 11-part storyline that, when later published as three trade paperback collections, was titled The Gospel According to Jayne.


The "Wanted Poster" variant cover of this issue features Zoe Alleyne Washburn, wanted at a 1000 credits bounty. Suspect considered highly dangerous. 


Didja Notice?


As with the previous issue, the story opens with a flashback to Jayne's youth in Juno, Sycorax 33 years ago.


    In the flashback on page 2, Father Franklin remarks on the figure depicted in a stained glass window of the church, Saint Anthony, proclaiming him the patron saint of lost things. This refers to Anthony of Padua (1195-1231), a Portuguese Catholic priest and Franciscan friar who is, as Father Franklin says, considered the patron saint of lost things, people, and souls.

    The stained glass window in the monastery is identical to the window to be seen at the Juno church in the flashback in "The Gospel According to Jayne" Part 3. The book and lily stalk he is holding in the depiction are commonly depicted attributes of his. The lily represents purity and the book represents the book of psalms that was stolen from him and later returned after he prayed for it, leading to Catholics often praying to him for their lost things after his death in 1231.


On page 4, the head monk of the Requiem monastery tells the Serenity crew that there are over 40 million practicing Christians on the Central Planets and nearly 100 million Buddhists. He goes on to say that all of the major religions of Earth-That-Was are practiced in the 'Verse in one way or another.


The monks of Requiem travel the 'Verse in search of sacred items from Earth-That-Was and bring them back to the monastery to protect them from theft and destruction. In a large chamber on page 5, a number of items are seen, such as an organ, a Catholic priest's frock, a Buddha statue, Buddhist prayer wheels, and a Jewish menorah.


On page 20, Jayne's quarters on Serenity appears to have a "normal" door for an entrance/exit. In "Government Goods", access to his quarters was gained by a floor/ceiling trapdoor and ladder. One might argue that the crew quarters have been shuffled  with the comings and goings of crewmembers since that time, but later issues of this series (with a different artist) depict Jayne's quarters with the trapdoor entrance/exit and ladder. Our current issue's depiction must be an artistic error.


For the assault on the Tax Collector's stronghold, Jayne preps Vera, his Callahan full-bore auto lock, first seen in "Our Mrs. Reynolds".


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