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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: The Fall Guys (Part 5) Firefly
"The Fall Guys" Part 5
Firefly: The Fall Guys #5
BOOM! Studios
Written by Sam Humphries
Illustrated by Jordi Perez
Colored by Francesco Segala, w/ assists by Gloria Martinelli
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover by Francesco Francavilla
February 2024


Things are about to go from bad to worse for the crew.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


townsfolk of Beloved



Alliance soldiers

Prime Minister Hamner






Jemima Frye (Kaylee's mother, mentioned only)
Aloysius Frye (Kaylee's father, mentioned only, deceased)

Lucy (Kaylee's horse, mentioned only)

Ramona (mentioned only)




Marshal Gronk

Sheriff Persimmon

Blue Jean Baby

Amber Archambeau


Hatfield (in Zoe's memories only, deceased)

Spears (in Zoe's memories only, deceased) 


Didja Know?


Firefly: The Fall Guys is a 6-issue limited series comic book published by BOOM! Studios.


The back cover and inside front cover of each issue of this limited series has replaced the usual image of the Serenity flying through space with that of the Alliance Prime Minister's fancy ship as introduced in "The Fall Guys" Part 1. 


Didja Notice?


On page 2, Kaylee remarks on having a horse named Lucy.


The character descriptions on pages 2-3 claim that Kaylee once escaped a burning building using a nightgown as a parachute; Leonard has been on a gallows at least twice before; and Inara once lock-picked her way out of a safe thrown over a waterfall. It may be that these descriptions are merely jokes, a sort of exaggerated braggadocio not actual events in their life stories.


This issue introduces Alliance hunter/killer drones, used in space.


On page 18, Zoe comments on she and Mal having first hooked up in the Brighton Brigade during the war. This is the first mention of that brigade.


Zoe tells Mal about her two war brothers, Hatfield and Spears, burned alive by Hamner during the war. This was seen in flashback in "The Fall Guys" Part 3.


On page 19, one of the Beloved townsfolk refers to the lead Alliance soldier in the mob showdown as "jackboot". A jackboot is a type of military boot, popularly associated with fascist or totalitarian troops.


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