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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: The Fall Guys (Part 1) Firefly
"The Fall Guys" Part 1
Firefly: The Fall Guys #1
BOOM! Studios
Written by Sam Humphries
Illustrated by Jordi Perez
Colored by Francesco Segala, w/ assists by Gloria Martinelli
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover by Francesco Francavilla
September 2023


Low on cash, the Serenity crew takes a chance on a job offer from a dubious source.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue




Simon (mentioned only)

River (mentioned only)


Amber Archambeau

Blue Jean Baby




Marshall Gronk

Jayne (mentioned only, deceased)

Prime Minister Hamner

Alliance troops 


Didja Know?


Firefly: The Fall Guys is a 6-issue limited series comic book published by BOOM! Studios.


The back cover and inside front cover of each issue of this limited series has replaced the usual image of the Serenity flying through space with that of the Alliance Prime Minister's fancy ship as introduced on page 10 of this issue.


Didja Notice?


For some reason, Kaylee shoots out three clichéd colloquialisms in a row on pages 1-2. "Beggars can't be choosers." "In the right place at the right time." "Old habits die hard."


The follower of Amber Archambeau called Blue Jean Baby is probably named for a line in the 1972 Elton John song "Tiny Dancer" or for the 1975 song "Rhythm and Blue Jean Baby" by British singer-songwriter Lynsey de Paul.


On page 5, Mal refers to the dummy dressed up as him at the piano as "Beethoven". Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) was a German-Austrian composer known particularly for his piano sonatas and concertos.


Amber wants to steal ownership of a yellow shale mine in the local mountains, the yellow shale needed by the Alliance to keep their Magnus-class fighters flying. This is the first mention of Magnus-class fighters in the 'Verse.


This issue takes place in the town of Beloved on the moon of Plymouth in the Outer Planets. This is the first appearance of the town and moon.


When Leonard suggests the crew could just take the "half upfront" payment from Amber and skip out, Kaylee retorts, "I'm sorry, was that the ghost of Jayne I just heard?" Jayne died in "The Gospel According to Jayne" Part 11.


When the crew realize that Prime Minister Hamner of the Alliance has seemingly arrived on Plymouth, Zoe refers to her as the Sledgehammer and relates how she was a general in the Alliance during the Unification Wars.


On page 17, Inara exclaims "Great Ganymede". She may be referring to either the Trojan prince in Greek mythology or the largest moon of Jupiter named after him in the Earth-That-Was system.


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