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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: New Sheriff in the 'Verse (Part 1) Firefly
"New Sheriff in the 'Verse"
Firefly #13
BOOM! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma
Colored by Francesco Segala
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover A by Marc Aspinall
January 2020


Mal begins his stint as an Alliance sheriff.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue





Boss Moon

Magdelia Johnson

Frankie Berkowitz



Leonard Chang-Benitez


Zoe (over commlink only)

Wash (mentioned only)

Simon (mentioned only)

River (mentioned only)

Shepherd Book (mentioned only)


Representative Avila

Monty Halberstank (corpse only)

Shalla Carpenter

mystery assassin


Didja Notice?


Mal is sent by the Alliance to be the sheriff of the Georgia Space Sector, including its planets and moons, such as the Aphrodite moons Sturges and Hill. Aphrodite was previously seen in "The Outlaw Ma Reynolds". Sturges was previously mentioned in Big Damn Hero. (That the Georgia Space Sector specifically is his beat is revealed in the "Previously" paragraphs of "Duty Calls".)


Magdelia Johnson mentions the Bluemart. This presumably refers to a store run by Blue Sun Corporation in the 'Verse. There are several businesses across our own world going by this name as well.


Mal now has a sheriff's wagon in which to jet around the Georgia Space Sector.


The judge Mal talks to on pages 8-9 is presumably the same unnamed judge who "sentenced" Mal to become sheriff at the end of "The Outlaw Ma Reynolds".


Mal and Boss Moon meet up with half of his old Serenity crew on the planet Boros. This world was previously mentioned in "The Outlaw Ma Reynolds" as the home of Boss Moon's mother.


Mal meets up with Inara for a society function on New Magistrar. This Alliance world was first mentioned in "Changing the Game". It appears that Inara has made her home here for the time being.


At the party on New Magistrar, Mal meets Representative Avila from Hera. Hera is the planet on which the Battle of Serenity Valley took place during the Unification War.


Avila refers to Mal as hijo. This is Spanish for "son".


Shalla Carpenter tells Mal she works for Outer Holdings, a Blue Sun subsidiary.


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