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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (Part 5) "Leaves on the Wind" Part 5
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #5 (Dark Horse)

Script: Zack Whedon
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Inks: Karl Story
Cover A: Daniel Dos Santos
Cover B: Georges Jeanty


Showdown against the Alliance!


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Didja Notice?


On the Daniel Dos Santos cover of this issue, notice that Jayne is wearing the severed ear of a fallen opponent around his neck. The knife he holds here appears a bit different from any we saw him carry in the TV series.


The scene on page 4 is a flashback to "Out of Gas", with Wash showing Mal the big red button he's rigged up to recall both shuttles if Mal comes up with a miracle to save the ship. The dialog presented here is exact from the episode.


On page 7, Jayne says "gorammit". This is a frequently used substitution for "God dammit" in the 'verse, similar to "gorram" for "God damn".


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