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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (Part 4) "Leaves on the Wind" Part 4
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #4 (Dark Horse)

Script: Zack Whedon
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Inks: Karl Story
Cover A: Daniel Dos Santos
Cover B: Georges Jeanty


Mal assembles a team to take on the Academy and free its students.


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Didja Notice?


Bounty hunter Jubal Early seemingly meets his demise in this issue, being dropped along with the trash from Serenity's cargo bay over the surface of some world. At the end of "Leaves on the Wind" Part 6, it turns out his broken and battered body was found by a native homesteader of this world and eventually traded to an Alliance Operative who plans to heal him and get him to find Serenity for her.


In this issue, Mal picks up a ship on Sihnon for Zoe's rescue. Inara mentioned this world in "Serenity". It is one of the major core worlds, with an Eastern influence. Inara was born there, and it is also where most Companions receive their training.


Fans know that River likes to go without shoes, but will generally wear shoes or boots when leaving the ship. On page 13, she is seen wearing boots as the group leaves for the mission to free the children from the Academy. On page 15, she is mistakenly drawn without them as she races up the steps of the Academy building. On page 17 they're back again, inside the building.


On page 17, Jayne uses Vera to blow open a door at the Academy. Vera is Jayne's favorite gun, as stated in "Our Mrs. Reynolds". The gun also appeared in "War Stories".


On page 19, the Operative (who remains unnamed) mentions another Operative called Kalista whom we do not officially meet, though she may be the female Alliance officer we've seen working with the Operative called Denon. At the end of "Leaves on the Wind" Part 6, the female Operative is also revealed to be one of the Academy's augmented children.


Unanswered Questions


What world was Serenity hovering over when it dropped its trash, along with Jubal Early? Why were they there? Early would have met with a more assured death if they'd dumped him helmetless into space instead.


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