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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: Cops and Robbers Firefly
"Cops and Robbers"
Firefly #18
BOOM! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma
Colored by Francesco Segala
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover A by Marc Aspinall
July 2020


Serenity runs into some big trouble against Blue Sun.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue




Leonard Chang-Benitez


the Bandit King


Director Sang 


Didja Notice?


On the main cover of this issue by Marc Aspinall is a photograph of the helmeted heads of Mal, Zoe, and (probably) Tracey Smith during the Unification War. Tracey was seen in "The Message".


In the "Previously..." paragraphs on the inside front cover, Blue Sun Director Sang is erroneously referred to as Director Sing.


On pages 1-2, Kaylee, Jayne, and Leonard appear to be eating cheeseburgers or something similar!


On page 2, Mal tells his former crew not to hit Blue Sun targets for their theivin' anymore, as Blue Sun is a "freaking Gigantosaurus. And it'll eat you alive." Gigantosaurus is the genus of a sauropod dinosaur, though the name is now considered a nomen dubium (doubtful name) and is generally considered to the same as Pelorosaurus. Sauropods were herbivorous dinosaurs, so it seems more likely that Mal is mispronouncing the name of Giganotosaurus, a theropod dinosaur larger than T. rex but smaller than Spinosaurus.


Leonard says he is from the Georgian moon Bethlehem. This was more or less implied in "Kaylee and the Bandit".


In this issue, Blue Sun uses a previously unseen type of armed space vessel called a Blue Sun 232 to protect its interests. Blue Sun 222 is another similar vessel.

Blue Sun 222 space vessel


On page 12, Serenity sets down on the planet Kerry. This is a world in the Georgia system making it's first appearance.


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