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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: Changing the Game Firefly
"Changing the Game"
Firefly #7
BOOM! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Dan McDaid
Colored by Marcelo Costa
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover A by Lee Garbett
June 2019


Wash, Book, and Inara set out to catch up with Zoe in her mission to rescue Mal.


Didja Know?


The issues of this series were untitled. I came up with the title "Changing the Game" by modifying a line of dialog in the issue.

Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue

Shepherd Book
Boss Moon
Lank Darling
Governor Paul Tomlinson


Didja Notice?


The Lee Garbett cover of this issue is made to look like the cover of a beat up old romance novel.

Firefly #7


As Wash launches Serenity from Nazareth to go to Zoe's aid, Kaylee decides she must stay behind on the planet to help Simon and River who are being left behind with a group of Unificators and Jayne. On page 3, she apologizes to Inara that she has to steal her shuttle for the task. But why would she need to steal Inara's shuttle when Serenity has two of them, one rented by Inara for her exclusive use and one for use by the crew?


On page 5, Inara's shuttle, piloted by Kaylee launches from the starboard side of Serenity. This seems to be its normal location judging from episodes of the TV series.


The remaining crewmembers head Serenity for a world called New Magistrar, the nearest Alliance Regional Capital to Nazareth. This is the first mention of New Magistrar in the Firefly universe.


On page 9, Inara remarks on the captain of the Serenity being Captain Harbatkin. This is an alias appearing on ship's papers that were presented to an Alliance officer in "Safe". The alias was also referred to in "Clipped Wings".


On page 21, Wash and Book visit one of Book's old contacts in Gray Market Alley, 300 feet below the city on New Magistrar. The place seems to be full of vendor booths selling various merchandise. Gray market is a term used to describe the selling of goods through channels that are not authorized by the producer/manufacturer.


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