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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

TV episode

Written and directed by Tim Minear


Serenity encounters a shipwreck left booby-trapped after a horrific Reaver attack.


Read the full episode summary at the Firefly and Serenity Database


Didja Notice?


Throughout the episode Jayne is wearing a Blue Sun t-shirt.


According to the Firefly Role-Playing Game Core Book, the derelict transport ship found by the Serenity crew is a Pogo-class short range transport.


At 6:02 on the DVD, it can be seen that Jayne has a tattoo on his left shoulder. It looks like a dragon holding something similar to the yin-yang symbol (the symbol of the interconnectedness of opposites).


A tricycle is seen on the derelict at 7:36 on the DVD, a quick indication that there had been children on board.


At 8:52 on the DVD, the greenscreen monitor on the derelict is blurry but can just barely be read. Nothing too interesting, just passenger communiqués.


Kaylee refers to the commander of the Alliance cruiser as a "purple belly". This is a reference to the purplish body armor worn by Alliance troopers.


The commander of the Alliance cruiser is Commander Harken. According to the Firefly Role-Playing Game Core Book, the Alliance cruiser is the I.A.V. Cronenberg; Possibly, the Cronenberg is a reference to film writer and director David Cronenberg.


Notice that at 31:50 on the DVD, one of the soldiers searching Serenity tosses aside a large carnosaur toy...obviously part of Wash's stash!


Notice that in Jayne's quarters, the soldiers find all sorts of hidden weapons.


I love the scene where River is delightedly looking at the expanse of stars as she and her brother are hiding on the outer hull of Serenity


Chinese translations
(Thanks to the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary for the translations)
Time on DVD Chinese English
2:39 Jayne says, "Wuh de ma." "Mother of God."
4:11 Chinese symbols seen on the hull of the derelict transport unknown
11:46 Chinese symbols appear on Wash's schematic readout of the derelict. unknown
13:57 Chinese symbols seen on a wall inside the derelict unknown
15:35 Mal says, "Jen dao mei!" "Just our luck!"
16:20 Wash says, "tyen shiao duh" "name of all that's sacred"
19:50 Wash says, "Tzao gao." "Crap."
23:55 Inara writes the signs of nian, yue, ri; chun, xia; nian
  • nian2year, month, day; spring, summer; year year
24:10 the sign of "yi" is seen on the infirmary door Medical Treatment
36:49 Mal says, "Wuh de tyen, ah." "Dear God in heaven."
42:51 Jayne says, "Hwoon dahn." "Jerk."


Memorable Dialog


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