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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Sapphire & Steel: The Mill Sapphire & Steel
"The Mill"
Look-In (1980) #38-44
Written by: Angus Allan
Art by: Arthur Ransom


When protestors try to stop the demolition of a mill, the spirit of a Victorian slave takes over one of them.


Read the story summary at Animus Web


Didja Know?


Comic strips in Look-In magazine were generally not credited to author and artist. According to the Animus Web site, the Sapphire & Steel strips were written by Angus Allan and drawn by Arthur Ransom.


All of the strips feature Sapphire and Steel dressed in the clothes they wore in the first television storyline, "Escape Through a Crack in Time". The artist must have had only photo references from those early episodes.


This story appeared in seven issues of Look-In, a UK magazine geared towards kids. The story is told in comic strip form and appeared in two-page chapters of each issue.


The story itself is untitled. I borrowed the title "The Mill" and short description from the Sapphire & Steel Chronology on the Look-In wiki


This story is bit out there, even for a Look-In strip, with a young man attaining supernatural powers, raising spectral monks, and remotely commanding a killdozer!


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode






Tommy Day

Sally Day (Tommy's sister)

Mrs. Day (Tommy's mother)




Didja Notice?


This story takes place in an English town called Scanforth. This appears to be a fictitious location.


A company called K. Benton Demolition is set to demolish the old Farstanger Mill in Scanforth. These appear to be a fictitious demolition company and mill.


The narrative box in panel 1 of page 1 states that "an evil force of time thrives on violence." I'm not sure it is quite fair to say that the time force "thrives on violence" (based on the complete ouvre of Sapphire & Steel stories), but maybe on causing pandemonium.


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