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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Sapphire & Steel: The Creature's Revenge (Part 3) Sapphire & Steel
Assignment Three
"The Creature's Revenge" Part 3
TV episode
Writer: P.J. Hammond
Directed by: Shaun O'Riordan
Original air date: January 13, 1981


The Specialist known as Silver drops in on Sapphire and Steel's assignment to assist them.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode









Didja Notice?


The music of the teaser scene in this episode is blended into the beginning of the opening titles music.


This episode introduces Silver, who assists Sapphire and Steel for the rest of the assignment.


Silver is first seen standing on top of the future capsule on the roof of the apartment building. When Steel walks away from their conversation to go back into the building, there is a sort of electronic twang heard and Silver suddenly walks up behind him from off-screen, seemingly to imply Silver is capable of teleporting himself short distances.


At 6:48 on the DVD, Fairy brand dishwashing liquid is seen on a shelf in a custodial closet.


The bottle cap seen at 10:06 on the DVD appears to be from a Smirnoff vodka bottle.


Silver melts a metal screw with his bare hands.


Silver informs Steel of the other two future capsules (which we know from "The Creature's Revenge" Part 2 are the rural and provincial study groups). When Steel asks where the two capsules are located, Silver responds, "You don't need to worry about them. They don't matter any more." Later, Sapphire, trapped in one of the other capsules, reports the crew of it are all dead.

(Why don't they matter any more? Did other Operatives take care of them? Was Silver involved and that is why Silver is knowledgeable of Sapphire and Steel's current situation? This would explain why Eldred and Rothwyn are not able to contact the other groups.)


The son of Eldred and Rothwyn (Benny) who was induced by the time presence to grow into an adult form is referred to as the Changeling in the closing credits. Sapphire later refers to him as such in "The Creature's Revenge" Part 5.


Memorable Dialog


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