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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Sapphire & Steel: Dr. McDee Must Die (Part 6) Sapphire & Steel
Assignment Five
"Dr. McDee Must Die" Part 6
TV episode
Written by: Anthony Read
Directed by: Shaun O'Riordan
Original air date: August 26, 1981


Sapphire and Steel must keep a close eye on the time-play in order to ensure the murder of Dr. McDee takes place as it should.


Read the episode summary at the Sci Fi Freak Site or Watch it at Shout Factory


Notes from the Sapphire & Steel chronology


This storyline takes place largely on the evening of Saturday, June 21, 1980, then into the morning of Sunday, June 22. This corresponds to the actual dates and days of 1980.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode




Felix Harborough

Emma Mullrine

Felicity McDee


Lord Mullrine

Dr. George McDee (dies in this episode)

Anne Shaw


maid (unnamed)

Annabelle Harborough

Howard McDee


Didja Notice?


At 13:14 on the DVD, notice that a glint of blue glow is visible through a crack between Sapphire's right eyelids while she has them closed and is concentrating on taking time back. Her blue eyes glow with a blue light when she uses most of her powers and it's interesting to note that the producers took that to heart even in the case of her eyes being mostly closed in concentration! Sapphire glint


Memorable Dialog


we have to make sure the murder takes place.mp3

good business.mp3

the man who destroyed the human race.mp3

this is where we came in.mp3 


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