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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Sapphire & Steel: Daisy Chain Sapphire & Steel
"Daisy Chain" Part 4
Audio drama
Big Finish Productions
Written by Joseph Lidster
Directed by Nigel Fairs
June 2005


The plot reaches a devastating end.


Notes from the Sapphire & Steel chronology


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Vanessa (TV show character)

Dominic (TV show character)

Christina (TV show character)


talk show hostess (on television)

Joshua Sowersby


Jennifer Sowersby (dies in this episode)

Gabrielle Sowersby

James Sowersby

Thomas Peter Jarvis (corpse only)

Mr. Sowersby (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


The TV channel-changes at the beginning of this episode reveal that the television drama that Gabrielle was watching in "Daisy Chain" Part 1 was called Temple Place. This appears to be a fictitious show, presumably named for the street in the British City of Westminster.


The TV channel-changes at the beginning of this episode cleverly segue into a recap of the story up to now, introduced by the words, "Previously on Daisy Chain..." and ending with, "And now, the conclusion..." flowing into the Sapphire & Steel opening theme.


When Gabrielle finally breaks down and admits that the haunting presence in the Sowersby home is a still-born male twin of Jennifer's, she refers to Jennifer's in utero development as the "dominant twin". This term is usually only used in the case of twins where the other, incomplete, twin is a "parasitic twin", an incomplete, vestigial form attached to the mostly fully-formed dominant one.


Gabrielle says she gave birth to Jennifer at St. Mark's. This refers to St. Mark's Hospital in northwest London.


The story comes to a devastating end, with Sapphire and Steel manipulating the human players to bring about the death (through suicide!) of the pubescent Jennifer Sowersby in order to break the hold of her ghost twin Joshua and therefore the foothold of Time in the Sowersby home. Sapphire and Steel were also seen manipulating the poor old psychical investigator Tully to his death in "The Railway Station" Part 8 in order to stop Time's incursion. Steel in particular was already a morally ambiguous character, but Sapphire takes a darker turn here now as well.


Sapphire and Steel quickly slip out of the house before Jennifer's body is discovered by her family, presumably to avoid the likely recriminations. In several past storylines, it has been implied that the humans involved in the Time incident will not remember what happened, nor Sapphire and Steel's involvement. Will that be the case here? If the family were to remember the pair, it's likely they would report them to the police!


Memorable Dialog


so that he could live instead of me.mp3

a foothold into this reality.mp3


she was out of your league.mp3

not my baby!.mp3


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