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Sapphire & Steel
Alternate Interpretations
Episode Studies
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This page is dedicated to studies of alternate interpretations of the Sapphire & Steel mythology, such as many of the comic strips found in Look-In magazine and the short story found in the Look-In 1981 Annual. The authors of these stories wrote most of them as if our pair of protagonists are capable of travelling back in time themselves, beyond just Sapphire's ability to turn back the clock about half a day. Also, these stories tend to embrace much more preternatural themes, such as sorcerers, black magic, demons, mythological gods, and Satan himself. Though I allowed a few of the Look-In stories to be part of the main Sapphire & Steel chronology, the studies on this page are for the stories that I just cannot bring myself to wedge into the mainstream chronology of adventures.


Series creator Peter J. Hammond received proofs of these stories before publication, but he apparently did not make any objections to them even though he acknowledged in an interview that he had reservations with Sapphire and Steel being able to move back in time and in having Time break through anywhere other than "present day". He remarks that the contradictions from the TV series did not worry him overmuch as these stories were geared toward younger readers. See the interview with Hammond preserved at the Internet Archive. Frankly, I wish he had been a bit more stringent!


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Sapphire & Steel

Alternate Interpretations

Sapphire & Steel: Disappearing Act Sapphire & Steel: Evil Feline Sapphire & Steel: The Meeting Place Sapphire & Steel: Life Force Sapphire & Steel: The Great Fire of London
"Disappearing Act" "Evil Feline" "The Meeting Place" "Life Force" "The Great Fire of London"
Look-In (1979) #52 - (1980) #3 Look-In (1980) #4-6 Look-In (1980) #7-11 Look-In (1980) #12-14 Look-In (1980) #15-19
When a man actually disappears during a magic act, he is replaced by an evil Egyptian god. A girl has an imaginary pet cat, who becomes real... A wartime officer is brought back from the past by a military badge and Sapphire and Steel must prevent him from bringing a deadly weapon into the future. Sapphire and Steel arrive too late to stop a train plummeting off a bridge, but can they still alter time to save the life of a young girl? When Sapphire and Steel travel back in time to help a boy, they find themselves in the middle of the Great Fire of London.
Look-In (1980) #33-37 Look-In (1980) #45-49 Look-In (1980) #50 - (1981) #4 Look-In (1981) #5-13 Look-In (1981) #14-17
The Spirit of Cawdroc The Mask The Sorcerer Fairyland The Pied Piper
Look-In Television Annual 1981 Sapphire & Steel Annual 1981      
The Albatross Rogue Robot