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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: Matriculated The Matrix
Written and directed by Peter Chung


A machine is subjected to a human version of the Matrix.


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Didja Know?


"Matriculated" was an animated short that appeared on the Animatrix video relased in 2003 with seven other animated shorts.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Alexa (dies in this episode)

Baby (bush baby, dies in this episode)


Nonaka (dies in this episode)

Chyron (dies in this episode)

Raul (dies in this episode)

Rox (dies in this episode)


Didja Notice?


Some of the mechanical debris on the surface has electric lights on it. Why?


At 1:59 in the video, the runner's POV display shows the names of the woman and a rebel engineer, Alexa and Nonaka. Seconds later, we also see the names of Chyron, Raul, and Rox. Otherwise, we never learn the names of the resistance members seen in this video.


This story introduces a Matriculation program that the humans of the resistance use to lead captured machines into siding with the resistance. This is the only time we see it used.


The machines that have been turned to the human cause have green-lit eyes instead of red. By the end of the short film, the captured runner's eyes have also turned green after going through the matriculation program.


At the end of the story, Alexa seems to die of her injuries. Then we see the formerly-captured runner gazing out along the debris-strewn coastline. It seems the runner may feel some form of sorrow for the loss of Alexa.


Memorable Dialog


to an artificial mind, all reality is virtual.mp3

my mind exists.mp3 


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