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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: Ghost in the Machine The Matrix
"Ghost in the Machine"
Chapters 1-4 of Enter the Matrix video game
Developed by Shiny Entertainment
May 15, 2003


Ghost takes on the mission to retrieve the data left at the Matrix drop point by the Osiris.


Notes from the Matrix chronology


This story takes place almost immediately after the events of "Final Flight of the Osiris" and depict Niobe and Ghost's mission to retrieve the data left inside the Matrix by Jue just before her death and the destruction of the Osiris. As such, these chapters take place just before the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded.


Didja Know?


The Enter the Matrix video game features 11 chapters that take place immediately before and during the events of The Matrix Reloaded. Chapters 1-4 take place almost immediately after the events of "Final Flight of the Osiris" and depict Niobe and Ghost's mission to retrieve the data left inside the Matrix by Jue just before her death and the destruction of the Osiris. As such, these chapters take place just before the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded. The remaining seven chapters of the game take place concurrently with the events of that film and will be dealt with in the main study of Enter the Matrix.


In the game Enter the Matrix, the player may play as either Niobe or Ghost. This means that there are two choices for the main storyline, making it difficult to decide which character's storyline is "canon". For these first four chapters of the game, I have chosen Ghost's path as the main, canon storyline since it allows him to get into some action, which he mostly misses out on in the films, unlike Niobe. There are a couple of Niobe chapters that I have inserted, as they are ones that have her in action at a removed location while Ghost retrieves the Osiris message. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this game





Thadeus (mentioned only, deceased)

Hume (mentioned only)


Commander Lock

Lock's lieutenant (unnamed)

Captain Thadeus (in video recording only, deceased)

Morpheus (on phone message only)

Ice (on phone message only)

Jax (on phone only)




The Trainman



Didja Notice?


Intro and Chapter 1: The Post Office


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


During the introductory segment of this game, Niobe remarks to Sparks on Thadeus using a drop box (via Jue) to get information to the forces of Zion and the fact that it cost him his life. We saw the story of this info drop in "Final Flight of the Osiris".


At 2:30 in the video, Ghost checks his pair of MRI Desert Eagle pistols. However, he is suddenly wielding two SIG-Sauer P229 Sport pistols when he draws them against police forces when they occupy the post office to stop him getting the Osiris package. 


Ghost insists on always checking his guns when he goes into the Matrix and Niobe remarks that it's not necessary because the program loads the exact same way every time. Ghost counters that Hume teaches us that no matter how many times you drop a stone and it falls to the floor, you never know for sure what will happen the next time you drop it. Ghost is likely referring to Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) who argued that all human knowledge comes from experience and inductive reasoning and causality cannot be rationally justified because we cannot know the future.


The post office box that holds the Osiris information is 73122.


Niobe's 1967 Pontiac Firebird is seen to have license plate JJ522.


At 3:26 in the video, Niobe and Ghost cross Bernard Street in Mega City.


At 8:33 in the video, Ghost picks up a cop's Colt 9mm submachine Gun.


At 9:12 in the video, Ghost picks up a Colt Mustang .380 pistol.


At 15:24 in the video, Ghost somehow has a Beretta 92FS pistol.


A poster for a stamp catalog is seen in the post office at 18:15 in the video. The stamp enlargement shown on it appears to be a modified and horizontally-distorted version of the George Washington 3-cent stamp circa 1918.


At 18:29 in the video, Ghost takes down a cop and takes his Heckler & Koch MP5A2 submachine gun.


At 19:13 in the video, Ghost picks up what the game screen refers to as "entry shotgun".


Chapter 2: City Streets


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


At 0:09 in the video, a speed limit sign on the street shows SPEED LIMIT 45 and the YOUR SPEED digital signage shows Niobe driving at 85!


At 1:25 in the video, a sign on a building reads "Creative EAX, Advanced HD". EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions) is an audio signal digital preset made by Creative Technology to create audio ambiance in video games. It was in use roughly from 1999-2005, now supplanted by more advanced sound technologies. Enter the Matrix used this audio preset.


When Niobe and Ghost are jacked out of the Matrix back into the physical world, Sparks asks them if they want a shot, saying, "Dr. Feelgood can fix you up." "Dr. Feelgood" is a nickname sometimes used for a physician who is willing to give recreational drugs illegally to their patients.


Chapter 3: The Airport


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


    In this mission, we see that, in the Matrix, Morpheus has a front company called the Daniel Institute of Dream Interpretation which can be used by Zion operatives to leave phone messages for Morpheus. Niobe leaves a coded message there that the Osiris message has been retrieved. The "Daniel" name likely comes from the legend of King Nebuchadnezzar, who has his servant Daniel interpret his dreams.

    Ghost leaves a similar message with the Great Beyond Travel Agency. The voice recording on the voice mail message of the company is Ice.


Niobe and Ghost are dragged into an operation to help Soren rescue Axel, who's been captured at the airport. We meet Axel and Soren again in The Matrix Reloaded.


    At 3:01 in the video, an advertising sign for Pentium 4 is seen on a wall of the airport. Pentium 4 was a brand of Intel CPUs for computers from 2000-2009. At 4:51 in the video, an advertising sign for Nvidia with the slogan "The Way It's Meant to be Played" is seen on an airport wall; this was an actual slogan used by the company, known mostly for its graphics processing units. At 5:15 in the video, an advertising sign for the Samsung SPH-N270 cell phone is seen. These are the phones largely used by Zion operatives inside the Matrix in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

    These ads are repeated throughout the airport. 


At 5:20 in the video, a vending machine for Powerade is seen at the airport.


At 16:46 in the video, Ghost picks up a Sig Sauer AG SG 552 assault rifle dropped by a dead SWAT team member.


At 22:04 in the video, Niobe tells Ghost that Axel is about to be flown out of the airport by his captors on a Gulfstream. Gulfstream is a designer and manufacturer of business jets.


Ghost uses a Barrett M95 Sniper rifle to shoot the front tire of the Gulfstream as it taxis across the tarmac.


The police SUVs Ghost and Soren take on the tarmac are GMC Yukon XLs.


Chapter 4: The Aqueduct


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


As this part of the game opens, the GMC Ghost is driving has license plate AK966. But when he drives into the aqueduct, the license plate has changed to CN501! The AK966 plate number shows up again on a delivery truck in the later chapters of "Enter the Matrix".


At 0:56 in the video, an advertising billboard for Audigy 2 is seen along the aqueduct. Audigy 2 was a line of Sound Blaster sound cards manufactured by Creative Technology. Another, less prominent billboard for Audigy Sound Blaster is seen about 25 seconds later. Billboards for the aforementioned Pentium 4, EAX, and Nvidia are also seen along the course of the aqueduct. Several of these billboards are repeated along the course of the aqueduct.


At the end of the mission, Niobe is met by the Trainman, who tells her that Zion lasted only 72 hours "last time". He is referring to the machine attack against Zion during the previous (fifth) iteration of the Matrix, though she doesn't know what he's talking about at this point. That this is the sixth iteration of the Matrix the Zionists will learn at the end of The Matrix Reloaded. The Trainman will be seen again in The Matrix Revolutions.


Memorable Dialog


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