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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Enter the Matrix The Matrix
"Enter the Matrix"
Chapters 5-11 of Enter the Matrix video game
Developed by Shiny Entertainment
May 15, 2003


Ghost and Niobe take on backup missions as Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity confront the powers behind the fate of Zion.


Notes from the Matrix chronology


This story takes place concurrently with the events of The Matrix Reloaded.


Didja Know?


The Enter the Matrix video game features 11 chapters that take place immediately before and during the events of The Matrix Reloaded. Chapters 1-4 take place almost immediately after the events of "Final Flight of the Osiris" and depict Niobe and Ghost's mission to retrieve the data left inside the Matrix by Jue just before her death and the destruction of the Osiris. As such, these chapters take place just before the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded, and are studied here on PopApostle under the name "Ghost in the Machine". The remaining seven chapters of the game take place concurrently with the events of that film and are dealt with here in this study of Enter the Matrix.


In the Enter the Matrix game, the player may play as either Niobe or Ghost. This means that there are two choices for the main storyline, making it difficult to decide which character's storyline is "canon". I chose Ghost's path as the main, canon storyline since it allows him to get into some action, which he mostly misses out on in the films, unlike Niobe. There are a few Niobe chapters I have inserted, as they are ones that have her in action at a removed location while Ghost is elsewhere.


Traditionally, major actors from film projects who are coerced into shooting scenes or reading dialog for spin-off media such as video games turn in fairly lackluster performances in said media because they are not getting paid their normal amount for the spin-off product. Jada Pinkett Smith (as Niobe) is particularly bad here.


Since remarking the guns the characters use throughout the game gets tedious, I will here only be noting the guns models that have not previously been used in chapters 1-4 of the game ("Ghost in the Machine"). 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this game










Philips (SWAT member, dies in this game)











the Twins







the Oracle

Agent Smith



Didja Notice?


Chapter 5: The Sewers


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


Ghost picks up a Heckler & Koch 33SG sniper rifle from a SWAT team member he's taken down during the hydro power station chase.


When Sparks sends Ghost off to rescue the unconscious Jacob, Ghost uses what the game refers to as an SS shotgun. The SS may refer to single shot, but what model the shotgun is I don't know.


During his rescue of Malachi and Bane, Ghost uses two MAC-11 machine pistols.


Chapter 6: The Chateau


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


In a flashback scene, after putting the Keymaker in a cell, the Merovingian tells him, "Au travail." This is French for "Get to work."


When Cain and Abel catch Niobe and Ghost in the hallway of backdoors, Cain holds a pistol to Niobe's head and says, "Anyone moves, and her brains are a Jackson Pollock!" Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was an abstract expressionist painter known for his splashing technique on a number of paintings.


Cain wields a Browning Hi Power and Abel a Heckler & Koch USP Compact.


The same handful of classical-style paintings appear in the chateau over and over.


Persephone asks for the same ransom of a kiss from Ghost that she goes on to ask for from Neo in The Matrix Reloaded. In the behind-the-scenes about Enter the Matrix, the actress who plays Persephone, Monica Bellucci, says that Persephone is a sort of vampire who seeks after emotions.


Ghost picks up a Heckler & Koch UMP submachine gun from a guard in the chateau.


Chapter 7: The Zen Garden


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube 


This chapter is a martial arts training session between Ghost and Trinity. The corresponding chapter for Niobe is a version of the freeway from The Matrix Reloaded (one of the billboards seen along the freeway in the game reads, simply, "WATCH T.V.", looking rather similar to the subliminal messages embedded in signage and media in the 1988 cult classic film They Live.)

Another billboard reads, "THIS CAGE, THIS PRISON". This would seem to be a reference to life in the Matrix, though what organization would have posted it?

A third billboard advertises Osie's Oranges. In The Matrix, a fruit stand called Ollie's Oranges is seen.

Also, many of the same billboards seen along the aqueduct in "Ghost in the Machine" are seen here.

As in the film, duplicate distance signs are seen repeatedly on the freeway. It's kind of like an old Hanna-Barbara cartoon where the same scenery keeps going by in the background!


After exiting the Matrix having survived the freeway chase, Niobe and Ghost consider going back in to aid Morpheus. Sparks yells at them, "I think you just spent eight of your nine lives getting out of there and if you turn around and go right back in, I don't think you're just pushing your luck. I don't think you're crazy. I think you have a death wish! A major, full-on Bronson!" From 1974-1994, Charles Bronson starred in the Death Wish film series. 


At the end of the training session, Ghost and Trinity briefly discuss Kierkegaard. Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) was a Dutch social critic and is often called the first existentialist philosopher.


Ghost also brings up Augustine. Augustine of Hippo (384-430) was an African Roman Christian theologian.


Ghost tells Trinity he's dedicated to Onanism. Onanism is another term for masturbation. He cracks "Celibacy is a hands-on job." During his meeting with Persephone in Chapter 6 of the game, Persephone senses that he has an unrequited love. In The Matrix Reloaded, it is strongly implied that it is Trinity he loves.


Chapter 8: Construction Site


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


At the opening of this chapter, Ghost tells Niobe they need to "blow this thing and then get the hell outta Dodge." The phrase "get out of Dodge" is generally attributed to the long-running (1955-1975) TV series Gunsmoke, a western set in Dodge City, Kansas.


Ghost makes use of a Barrett M95 sniper rifle at the construction site. He also picks up a Heckler & Koch MG36 machine gun from a fallen SWAT member. 


The delivery truck seen at the construction site has the same license plate number, AK966, that appeared on the GMC SUV Ghost drives in "Ghost in the Machine".


Inside the hazmat area of the site, Ghost is seen to use dual Glock 18C pistols.


Ghost finds what he calls a "chlorobromo methane gun or grenade launcher" in the power plant, used to put out fires where hoses or fire extinguishers can't reach it. Although a semi-real device, the bromochloromethane it uses has been banned from production by most nations as an ozone-depleting chemical. The game also refers to this as a GP-25 launcher.


Chapter 9: Nuclear Plant


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube


The hovercrafts Icarus, Novalis, and Caduceus are mentioned at the end of the chapter.


Chapter 10: Chinatown and Finale


View the walkthrough of this chapter at YouTube: Part 1  Part 2


I have chosen to follow the Niobe path here because we see here her meeting with the Oracle, mentioned later in The Matrix Revolutions.


Sparks directs Niobe to a teahouse at the end of Wo Ping Avenue in Chinatown to meet Seraph and the Oracle. Wo Ping Avenue is named for the martial arts fight choreographer on the Matrix films, Yuen Woo-ping.


When Niobe meets with the Oracle, she finds that the woman looks different than she has before. The Oracle explains that she lost her old form due to the machinations of the Merovingian and her choice to aid Neo. (The original real world actress who played the Oracle in The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded, Gloria Foster, died from complications of diabetes during the back-to-back filming of The Matrix Reloaded, Enter the Matrix, and The Matrix Revolutions, so new actress Mary Alice was brought in.)


While being chased on foot through Chinatown by Agent Smith, Niobe passes the Three Dragons Pub, Khan Teng Sun & Co., and Chinese Dragon Laundry.


    In the Ghost version of the meeting with the Oracle, the Oracle tells him "Truth is an event and only through experience can the veracity of a truth be verified." Ghost attributes this quote to William James. James (1842-1910) was an American philosopher and psychologist. I've been unable to confirm James ever said this exact thing, but the statement does play to his general philosophy of truth.

    Also in the Ghost version of the meeting with the Oracle, she goes further into the loss of her old body, saying that two programs she trusted sold the termination code of her old shell to the Merovingian in order to save their baby. The Oracle allowed this to happen because she believes the baby was important and will change both the human and computer worlds forever. In The Matrix Revolutions, the baby mentioned here would seem to be the AI child Sati.

    At the end of his meeting with the Oracle, Ghost quotes Nietzsche as saying, "One must want nothing to be different. Not forward, not backward. Not in all eternity. Not only to bear what is necessary, but to love it." Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was a German philosopher. The Oracle responds to Ghost's comment with "Amor fati", Latin for "Love your fate."


Memorable Dialog


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