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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: An Easy One The Matrix
"An Easy One"
Online comic
Story and art by Tommy Lee Edwards
Lettering by John Workman


While some crooks set out to rob a bank, Zion operatives seek to stop a virus. Both groups are after the same thing.


Read the story at the Internet Archive


Didja Know?


This story originally appeared on the official Matrix website in 2001. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story 



Boss-man (dies in this story)


Mr. P (dies in this story)

Mr. G (dies in this story)



Mr. B (dies in this story)

Mr. Y (dies in this story)



Didja Notice?


On page 8, panel 1 of the story, Avalon is seen riding on a Honda motorcycle.


In panel 6 of page 8, the resistance operative the police shoot down is carrying an Uzi submachine gun.


Avalon rescues the bank robbers while armed with an M16 rifle.


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