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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
"Redemption" Part 2
Jurassic Park #2 (IDW)
Written by Bob Shreck
Art by Nate Van Dyke
Covers by A) Tom Yeates B) Arthur Adams

The escaped Carnotaurus wreaks havoc outside Glen Rose, Texas.

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Story Summary

Drs. Wu and Backer search for the escaped Carnotaurus. Meanwhile, the sheriff is called in to investigate the mutilated cattle. As another day passes, the carnage continues and Tim and Lex find themselves separately drawn to Glen Rose to investigate the happenings.

At the breeding pens, Dodgson is apparently the culprit who released the Carnotaurus as we see him release another dinosaur, seemingly at the order of Tim's mysterious business partner to get rid of the remaining collaborators.

Back in the wild, Dr. Backer and his assistant no longer have to hunt for the Carnotaurus. It has found them.


Didja Notice? 

The car on cover B, by Arthur Adams, has a license plate of N-OV-02-10. This appears to be shorthand for November 2, 2010...election day in the United States. It can't be the date the artwork was finished because this issue was published in July of that year. The license plate design is probably meant to give the impression of a Texas plate, given the presence of a star at the bottom middle and lower right corner of the plate (Texas is the Lone Star State); the story mostly takes place in Glen Rose, Texas. If anyone knows what model the car is, drop me an email; at first blush, you think it's an old VW Beetle, but it's not (maybe an old Citroen or Champion?).

Throughout the issue, blood and other smudges in the artwork are obviously made with fingerprints, for example, the sheriff's napkin below.

At the scene of the "leftovers" of the Carnotaurus' meal on page 3, the driver of the cattle truck tells the sheriff he was "...enjoying the night sky and the next thing I knew these very nice people were standing over me." "Enjoying the night sky" is his euphemistic way of saying he was urinating at the side of the road, as we know from "Redemption" Part 1.

The sheriff says he's seen his share of cattle mutilations. Cattle mutilations are the often unexplained killing and mutilation of livestock (usually cattle, but some sheep and horse mutilations are also known to have occurred). Despite the strange circumstances and lack of evidence in the immediate surroundings, skeptics often attribute mutilations to natural decomposition or predators, while others believe the high strangeness points to UFOs, government experiments, or cults.

The sheriff also pokes fun at the tourists who saw something huge in the road the night before, asking them if they're sure it wasn't little green men or Bigfoot. "Little green men" is a colloquial reference to aliens from other planets and Bigfoot is a cryptozoological hominid some people believe lives (mostly) in the American northwest.

Page 4 introduces us to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. This plant actually exists in Glen Rose, TX. The drawing in panel 1 is a fairly accurate representation of the layout of the plant grounds.

Also on page 4, some employees at the plant are arguing over a romantic vampire film and a vegan blood-sucker. Possibly the argument is over the Twilight series of films about teenage vampires. Bill remarks that he'll take Christopher Lee over these vampires; Lee portrayed Count Dracula in a series of movies from Hammer Films in the 1950s-70s.

At the end of the vampire conversation, Bill refers to Andrea as "Ange". Usually, this would be a nickname for someone named "Angela", not "Andrea".

On page 8, the Carnotaurus hunts inside the Fossil Rim Wildlife Reserve. This is an actual reserve near Glen Rose.

On page 13, three panels show three different times in different parts of the world: 1:30 P.M. in the UK, 7:30 A.M. in Costa Rica, and 8:30 A.M. in New York. These are all accurate reflections of the time zones in which these places lie, i.e. Costa Rica is 1 hour behind New York time and 6 hours behind UK time.

Tim describes the primate he's brought as a guest on a morning talk show as a bonobo. This is a real species of great ape.

On page 15, panel 3, Millie Stensin says, "Look at all the blood!", referring to the blood left over after the Carnotaurus attack on her ranch. Possibly this is a reference to Tim's same statement in Jurassic Park when he sees a T. rex eat a Gallimimus.

On the last panel of page 15, the senator holds up a copy of the Glen Rose Reporter. This is the real name of the local newspaper in Glen Rose. The headline of this issue reads "CHUPACABRA OR ALIENS--LOCAL AUTHORITIES BAFFLED BY MULTIPLE MUTILATIONS". The headline is referring to the possibility of UFOs or cryptid animals being responsible for the cattle mutilations of the past two days near Glen Rose; the drawing on the cover page of the paper is a cartoonish, but fairly accurate, depiction of the stereotypical UFOnaut (on the left) and a chupacabras (on the right).

When the bonobo jumps on the senator, he exclaims, "Get this damn dirty ape off me!" This is a reference to Charlton Heston's line in the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

Panels 1 and 2 of page 18 show what appears to be a Dimetrodon, which is not a true dinosaur, but a pelychosaur, which lived on Earth before the age of dinosaurs, 320-251 million years ago, the Late Carboniferous-Late Permian Periods.

Page 18 indicates Tim will be landing his private jet at Wyatt 3-rivers Airport. This is an actual private airfield in Glen Rose.

Also on page 18, the sheriff and his deputy are eating at a BBQ diner called Hog Tired. As far as I can tell, this is a fictional establishment.

On page 20, Backer describes the Carnotaurus as being 25 feet long and weighing two tons. The length is correct for an adult male as it existed in the Late Cretaceous, but it's believed to have only weighed one ton. The depiction of the Carnotaurus' size in comparison to the truck and man on pages 21-22 is larger than a real Carnotaurus would be, possibly due to the genetic engineering performed to breed the beast, so that may also explain the increased weight.

On page 21, Backer's assistant in hunting down the Carnotaurus radios in to him that he is heading south on Farm to Market towards downtown. Farm to Market is a real road leading from the rural farming area to downtown Glen Rose. 

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