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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
"No Woman's Land"
Return to Jurassic Park #2 (Topps Comics)
Written by Steve Englehart
Pencils by Joe Staton
Inks by Rich Rankin
Cover by Michael Golden

Hammond’s team discovers that Biosyn has also sent in a team to infiltrate Isla Nublar, now under control of the U.S. Army.

Story Summary

Grant, Ellie, Muldoon and Edgar continue their trek across Jurassic Park. They come across Raul Lopez, a radical paleontologist, and Sonya Durant, a field guide, both in the employ of rival corporation Biosyn. The two refuse to answer questions and are taken hostage. After an aerial attack by Cearadactyls, Raul and Sonya turn the tables on our foursome, but then some renegade U.S. Army soldiers arrive. After the firefight, the soldiers are dead and the two Biosyn crewmembers agree to partner up with the InGen crew to survive and get to the bottom of what is going on on the island and the secret of the green flame.



Didja Notice? 

On page 10, Raul Lopez shouts, "Ay Cabron!" as Edgar and Muldoon get the drop on him and Sonya Durant. "Ay Cabron", in this context, basically means "a traitor" in Spanish.

Muldoon calls Sonya the only female guide west of Tanganyika. Tanganyika is a territory within the African nation of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Among all the other dinosaur enclosures opened up by the Army, apparently they have also opened the aviary and allowed Cearadactyls, and perhaps other pterosaurs, to fly free over Isla Nublar. Wouldn't there be some hesitation about letting loose flying creatures, which could end up flying to the mainland?

On page 17, Sonya refers to Edgar as Muldoon's bwana. "Bwana" is Swahili for "master". 

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