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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
"No Wimp's Land"
Return to Jurassic Park #3 (Topps Comics)
Written by Steve Englehart
Pencils by Joe Staton
Inks by Rich Rankin
Cover by Michael Golden

The InGen and Biosyn groups join together for a trek through the jungle of Isla Nublar to the military base and the source of the Green Flame.

Story Summary

Making their way toward the Army base on Isla Nublar, the group is attacked by a T. rex, who grabs Sonya in his jaws. Grant shoots the rex in the eye and Sonya drops from the jaws of death as the rex runs off in pain. Sonya is injured but, after first aid, is able to continue.

Following Hammond's map, the group arrives at the river and, after waiting for the cover of darkness, pulls a couple of inflatable rafts out of a nearby maintenance shed and heads off down the river. But the now one-eyed rex has followed and wades through the waters after them. The dinosaur overturns the two rafts, but continuous gunfire from the group finally causes it to head back to the safety of shore.

The group arrives at a hill overlooking the base just in time to see another burst of the mysterious green flame there. Wanting a closer look, Edgar and Sonya head down to investigate further. But shortly after they do, the rest of the group on top of the hill is discovered by a squad of soldiers who threaten them with interrogation and death.



Didja Notice? 

In many of the panels featuring the T. rex, the beast is drawn a bit too large. He appears to be the size of Grumpy in the original Land of the Lost TV series, who was much larger than a real T. rex.

Grant shoots the rex in the right eye, leaving the beast blind on that side. I wonder if Englehart was influenced at all by Scarface, the T. rex in the 1990s version of Land of the Lost, who was also blind and scarred on his right eye.

On page 8, Sonya has been injured by the T. rex and has some teeth punctures in her skin to prove it. Edgar asks Grant if they are likely to become infected and Grant answers, "We don't know enough. I doubt it, though." He doubts it? It seems I've heard that bites from carnivores are often dangerous due to the high level of bacteria often found in their mouths from decaying meat stuck in their teeth. Also, the team is stuck in a hot, tropical environment that is also well-known for the dangers of infections of open wounds.

On page 9, some compys are scavenging the flesh of the human remains of the soldiers killed earlier.

On page 11, the team reaches the river and, using the map provided to them by Hammond, they find a nearby maintenance shed where some inflatable rafts are stored. Then on pages 16-21, the group is pursued down the river by the swimming T. rex. Englehart may have borrowed the idea from Michael Crichton's original JP novel, where Grant, Tim, and Lex go through a very similar scenario.

On page 25, Raul comments, "Haldane said, 'The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can--'". J.B.S. Haldane (1892-1964) was a British scientist known for his many memorable quotes on scientific topics. His complete quote here is, "I have no doubt that in reality the future will be vastly more surprising than anything I can imagine. Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."

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