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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Jurassic Park: Raptors Hijack #3 (Topps Comics)
Written by Steve Englehart
Pencils by Neil Vokes
Inks by Rich Rankin
Cover by Michael Golden

Dr. Fischer returns, now working for Biosyn; the raptors build their nest.

Story Summary

As the issue begins, we learn from Dr. Fischer that he was let go from InGen after his assistance with cleaning up the mess on Isla Nublar over the last several weeks, so he took his knowledge of Jurassic Park to Biosyn. He now plans to build Biosyn's own Jurassic Park and make Dr. Belvedere the head keeper of the dinosaurs.

Around the perimeter of the two raptors' new territory, Fischer is having a Biosyn crew erect a large wall to turn it into an enclosure.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Muldoon's party continues its search for the raptors, but Malcolm's fever is growing worse and he's becoming delirious. Besides that, Malcolm is also injured by an attacking jaguar until Muldoon shoots it. Finally, they reach the next village and Malcolm receives some tribal medical attention there, assisted by Ellie, while Muldoon and Grant continue the search.

In Palo Alto, CA, Hammond learns of the disappearance of Muldoon's expedition and orders all available copters out to search for them, no expense spared. One of the copter pilots discovers the raptor enclosure, but he is blown out of the sky by a Biosyn bazooka before he can report it. Meanwhile, another copter spots Muldoon and Grant but is shot by a Biosyn chopper. Muldoon brings down the enemy chopper from the ground, but it collides with the damaged InGen one and the mass of the two machines falls out the sky right towards our two heroes; they are forced to jump from their cliffside vantage point into the river below.

And, back in the raptor enclosure, Celia has laid her eggs.



Didja Notice? 

The cover of this issue, with robotic arms reaching for the raptor eggs/infants, seems to be more of a flashback to the Jurassic Park movie than a depiction of events in this issue.

The "What Has Gone Before" summary of the story so far on the inside front cover reveals that Dr. Belvedere's and Dr. Fischer's first names are LaDonna and Jeremiah.

On page 8, Malcolm mentions George of the Jungle. George of the Jungle was a humorous cartoon series produced by the Jay Ward studios in 1967. On page 9, Malcolm babbles on deliriously, "George was a blood relative of a flying squirrel...and the moose!" He is referring to fellow Jay Ward cartoon characters Rocky the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle the moose.

Malcolm's fever delirium seems to be causing him to try to find connections between everything he and the others say (this is symbolic of chaos theory, where everything has an effect on everything else). When Ellie tells him they should be able to get him some medicine in the next village, even if it's just herbs, he then equates herbs with erb, and then with E.R.B. which are the initials of Edgar Rice Burroughs, who was the creator of the character of Tarzan, which was the inspiration of the comical George of the Jungle cartoon character mentioned earlier.

On page 11, when he is attacked by a jaguar, Malcolm shouts, "Kreegah!!" This is borrowed from the aforementioned Tarzan, who was known to use the phrase "kreegah bundolo" as a warning in the language of the great apes. When he sees the animal that has attacked him from behind, Malcolm says, "This is no flying squirrel!", another reference to Rocky the flying squirrel.

On page 16, after hearing that Muldoon's party has gone missing, Hammond orders all available copters out to search for them, saying, "Spare no expense!" This is close to his oft-repeated line "spared no expense" in Jurassic Park.

Although it's not introduced until a few panels later, page 19, panel 3 features a subtle revelation of a bazooka (at left in the panel) pointed at the InGen helicopter.

After he and Grant leave the village, notice that Muldoon is wearing a slightly different outfit than he was before, including a different hat.

On page 22, panel 3, Muldoon is missing his mouth!

On page 26, Ellie says, "Bueno!" This is Spanish for "good".

At the end of the issue, Celia lays her eggs, which were fathered by Alf. Since it has been implied that Celia and Alf did not have a chance to engage in intercourse until after their escape from Rafael's compound in "Animals/Men" (and even after the death of Betty in "Gods/Men") it seems much too quick for the eggs to have developed and be ready for laying, doesn't it? I suppose it could be argued that Celia and Alf had engaged in sexual intercourse while still on Isla Nublar, but that's not what the reader has been led to believe in the course of this story.

The final dialog of the issue is Dr. Fischer stating confidentially, "The raptors are ours forever!" This is virtually the same statement made by Rafael at the end of "Rush". (Rafael was killed by the raptors in the following issue!)

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