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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
"The Devils in the Desert" Part 4
Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert #4 (IDW)
Story and Art by John Byrne
Cover by John Byrne

Sheriff Tobias and Dr. Alvarez chase the Pteranodons to the conclusion!

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Didja Notice? 

The zoo featured in this issue is not named, but may be loosely based on the San Diego Zoo, seeing as its located in southern California and the zoo entrance has a topiary built around it.

The fence of the zoo paddock into which the plane has crashed is suggestive of the fence of the tyrannosaur paddock in Jurassic Park.

The gravestones on page 21 feature the names Rushton and Parady. Writer/Artist John Byrne's father was Lord Rushton (Frank Byrne) of England, who died in January 2011. "Parady" is most likely a reference to actor Ron Parady (1940–2003), who was a friend of Byrne's. A partial name "ruenwald" is seen on one of the gravestones; this is probably a reference to Mark Gruenwald, a writer and editor (and occasional artist) at Marvel Comics from 1978-1996, who died in 1996.

Another gravestone on panel 4 of page 21 shows the Star of David, indicating a person of Jewish faith is buried there.

Page 22, panel 2, shows two gravestones with just barely legible names. One says Hendley, and I'm not sure to whom this is a reference. The other says Frank Byrne, John Byrne's father; so he gets two mentions in this issue, as befits a man's father. 

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