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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Indiana Jones: The Runaway Adventure Indiana Jones
"The Runaway Adventure"
Short story
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #1
Welsh Publishing Group
Written by Amanda Agee

Indy rescues a Chinese girl from marriage.


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Notes from the Indiana Jones chronology


    This story of Little Indy would seem to take place shortly after "The Yin-Yang Principle". The opening paragraph of the story states that Indy and his mother and Miss Seymour are travelling by train from Beijing (Peking) to Shanghai to meet up with his father, but the train breaks down on the way and they are forced to spend the night at an inn in a village. In "The Yin-Yang Principle", the Jones' arrived in Peking from India. Henry Jones, Sr. remained in Peking to learn of his host's (Fen Yu) translations of Western literature while the rest of them, plus Fen Yu's assistant Li Shung Sui as translator, went on a multi-day sightseeing tour of the "nearby" area, including Shanghai. In the course of that episode, Indy becomes ill with typhoid and he and his mother and tutor are laid up at the home of a peasant family for several days while he is treated and recovers. The episode ends with the Jones party having a joyful feast with the peasant family in their hut.

    Presumably, the Jones party would have headed back to Peking the next day, setting the stage for our current story. We can imagine that Professor Jones moved on to Shanghai for further learning opportunities when his family was late in returning, Fen Yu filled them in, Li Shung Sui remained in Peking with his master, and Indy, his mother, and Miss Seymour headed on to Shanghai along with a new, hired, interpreter, Lin Feng, leading into the opening of this story. 


Didja Know?


This short story appeared in the first-and-only issue of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles magazine.


Notes from The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones


The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones is a 2008 publication that purports to be Indy's journal as seen throughout The Young Indiana Chronicles and the big screen Indiana Jones movies. The publication is also annotated with notes from a functionary of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation, the successor agency of the Soviet Union's KGB. The FSB relieved Indy of his journal in 1957 during the events of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The notations imply the journal was released to other governments by the FSB in the early 21st Century. However, some bookend segments of The Young Indiana Chronicles depict Old Indy still in possession of the journal in 1992. The discrepancy has never been resolved. 


The journal as published skips over this time in Indy's life. In fact, it goes from September 1909 to June 1912...a period of almost three years! Are we to believe that Indy made no journal entries that entire time? Perhaps the entries were excised by the Russians for some reason when it was in their possession? 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Indiana Jones

Anna Jones (mentioned only)

Helen Seymour

Henry Jones, Sr. (mentioned only)

Lin Feng

marketplace woman

cabbage cart owner

Yang Wei 


Didja Notice?


The town in which the Jones' have been laid up is not revealed. Jostling through the village marketplace with Lin Feng, Indy thinks, Even New York City wasn't this crowded. New York City is the most populous city in the United States.


Indy sees a girl being carried in a sedan through the marketplace and Lin Feng tells him it is a wedding procession, explaining, "In China, it is the custom for the bride to be carried in a sedan chair to the man she is to marry." This is true.


When Indy objects to the thought of the young girl Yang Wei being made to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather, Lin Feng reminds him the girl does not lead the kind of life a girl in Princeton, New Jersey would. Princeton is Indy's home town.


At the end of the story, Yang Wei and Indy exchange "Pengyou" with each other and she gives him a small Buddha carved out of a peach stone. Pengyou is Chinese for "friend". Buddha was the Indian spiritual teacher Siddhārtha Gautama whose teachings began the Buddhist religion popular in the East. A Buddha statue carved out of a peach stone is a common charm in China.


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