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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Indiana Jones: A Dive Into the Ice Age Indiana Jones
"A Dive Into the Ice Age"
Chapters 1 and 2 of Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy
Written by Rob MacGregor

(Page numbers come from the mass market paperback edition, 1st printing, September 1992)

Indy and other students at the Sorbonne explore the hills of the Trois-Frères range in search of undiscovered caves that may have once housed Ice Age tenants.


Read the "Summer 1924" entry of the It’s Not the Years, It’s the Mileage Indiana Jones chronology for a summary of these two chapters


Notes from the Indiana Jones chronology


This novel segment takes place in Montignac, France in 1924.


Didja Know?


This study is made up solely of Chapters 1 and 2 of the novel Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy. These two chapters are set in 1924, while the rest of the novel (except for a 4-page prologue, set in 1786) takes place in 1928. The title assigned to this short PopApostle study is a twist on the title of Chapter 1 of the book, "Diving Into the Ice Age".


Notes from The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones


The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones is a 2008 publication that purports to be Indy's journal as seen throughout The Young Indiana Chronicles TV series and the big screen Indiana Jones movies. The publication is also annotated with notes from a functionary of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation, the successor agency of the Soviet Union's KGB security agency. The KGB relieved Indy of his journal in 1957 during the events of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The notations imply the journal was released to other governments by the FSB in the early 21st Century. However, some bookend segments of The Young Indiana Chronicles depict Old Indy still in possession of the journal in 1992. The discrepancy has never been resolved. 


The journal as published skips over this adventure, going from the events of The Peril at Delphi in 1922 to a letter received from Abner Ravenwood in June 1925. Perhaps the intervening entries were excised by the Russians for some reason when it was in their possession?


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Indiana Jones

Roland Walcott

Mara Rogers

Professor Dorian Belecamus (mentioned only, deceased)

Sorbonne students

Montignac villagers

Montignac gendarme 


Didja Notice?


Chapter 1: Diving Into the Ice Age


This story takes place in Montignac, a tiny commune near the base of the Pyrenees mountain chain dividing southern France from Spain.


Page 6 relates that Indy and some student friends from the Sorbonne in Paris have already explored a couple of caves around Le Tuc d'Audoubert. Le Tuc d'Audoubert is one of the caves of the Trois-Frères (Three Brothers) with prehistoric paintings on its walls discovered in 1912 by three teenage brothers.


Indy believes the cave they are currently exploring may have further chambers with wall paintings from the Ice Age. There have been a number of ice ages in Earth's past. Indy is thinking of the most recent one, referred to more formally as the Last Glacial Period, of about 115,000–11,700 years ago.


On page 8, Indy reflects that he'd heard that the pompous English student Walcott spent most of his time drinking in the boîtes. Boîtes is a French term for "nightclubs".


Mara tells Indy she used to swim in the San Juan River in a swimming hole close to Bluff, Utah where she grew up. The San Juan River is a tributary of the Colorado River in the southwestern United States.


Page 12 indicates that Indy has not let himself get close to anyone since his disastrous involvement with his first archaeology professor nearly two years ago. That was Professor Dorian Belecamus in The Peril at Delphi.


On page 13, Indy imagines himself sitting with Mara by the fountain at the Place Saint-Michel, walking through the Luxembourg Gardens, or losing themselves in the Louvre. The monumental Fontaine Saint-Michel is in the Place Saint-Michel, a public square

in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Luxembourg Gardens is one of the public gardens of Paris.


As Indy and Mara prepare to dive into the underground river, Mara asks him if it is going to be like les Egouts, the Paris sewers. Tours of the Paris sewer system have been popular since the 1800s to today.


Chapter 2: Subterranean Treachery


On page 22, Mara spies a unicorn painted on the cave wall. Unicorns are mythological creatures that look like a horse and have a single horn on the forehead.


Mara tells Indy she's leaving Paris next week to continue school at the University of Rome where she's earned a scholarship to finish her Ph.D. in art history.


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