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Back to the Future
Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Back to the Future: In Search of Calvin Marty Klein Back to the Future
"In Search of Calvin Marty Klein"
Back to the Future #3
Story by John Barber and Bob Gale
Script by John Barber
Art by Corin Howell
Colors by Jose Luis Rio
Letters by Shawn Lee


In 1958, George and Lorraine need Marty's advice again.


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Notes from the Back to the Future chronology


This story has bookends placed roughly around 1890, after Doc and Clara are married and have their sons, Jules and Verne.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Doc Brown




Marty McFly


George McFly

Lorraine Baines


Didja Notice?


On page 6 of the story, Doc digs up the old mind-reading device he tested out on Marty in 1955 in Back to the Future.


On page 9 of the story, Doc tells George he's going to Cyrano de Bergerac him. He is thinking of the story of the well-known 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac, in which the poet Cyrano whispers lines to his friend Christian to help him woo the woman he desires. In the novelization of Back to the Future, Marty considers something like this to get George a date with Lorraine.


On page 12 of the story, panel 2, it looks like Doc has an electric chair in his lab! This is what he built his Static-O-Matic Electric Hair Chair out of. He also mentions this invention in "When Marty Met Emmett".


On page 13, panel 6, Lorraine is erroneously drawn with 6 fingers on her right hand!


On page 14, George and Lorraine patch things up and he invites her to go see the new film From the Earth to the Moon. This was a 1958 film adaptation of the 1865 Jules Verne novel.


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