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"Beware of Sleestak" MP3 Download (3M)


Big green guys with jewel-like eyes
 come to get me in the middle of night
 they're gonna skin me, then eat me alive
 I'm lost, I'm lost
 find me

 When I look all around
 I can't believe the things that I've found
 Marshall, Will, and Holly can't help me now
 I'm living in the land of the lost

 Enik is a good Sleestak
 he can help me find my way back
 maybe not
 'cuz he can't keep his anger in check
 Sleestak are scary
 Sleestak are scary
 Sleestak are scary

 Dinosaurs are everywhere
 the Lost City can be found over there
 someday Uncle Jack will fall from the air
 with the help of a parachute

 Hanging out with a monkey-man
 Pakuni know the lay of this land
 over here's a swamp right there quick sand
 Sleestak are scary
 Sleestak are scary
 Sleestak are scary

 I want to go home
 far from this land unknown
 I really don't like
 these things that I've been shown
 maybe this pylon holds the key

 Freak storms and endless streams
 triceratops and poison weeds
 weird mushrooms
 that I've been forced to eat
 seem to do strange things to me

 Suspended from the roof of a cave
 down below is surely my grave
 the Sleestak God is calling my name
 if I fall down
 I'll be his lunch

 Chak-kah can't talk very clear
 I've gotta get myself outta here
 surrounded by my childhood fears
 Sleestak are scary
 Sleestak are scary
 Sleestak are scary