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Porter Timeline

Unlike my Marshall timeline, I have not drastically altered the chronology of the episodes of the 1990's Land of the Lost. The airdate order for the episodes seems to flow smoothly with the events that take place within. I have switched around only two episodes ("Shung the Terrible" and "Jungle Girl") from the first season and two ("The Sorceress" and "Opah") from the second and even these are arguable, but I give my reasons in the parenthetical statements following the listing in the chronology.

Season one by airdate: Season one in chronology:
 1.  Tasha
 2.  Something's Watching
 3.  Shung the Terrible
 4.  Jungle Girl
 5.  The Crystal
 6.  Wild Thing
 7.  Day for Knight
 8.  Kevin vs. the Volcano
 9.  Mind Games
 10. Flight for Freedom
 11. Heatwave
 12. The Thief
 13. Power Play
 1.  Tasha
 2.  Something's Watching
 3.  Jungle Girl
 4.  Shung the Terrible
 5.  The Crystal
 6.  Wild Thing
 7.  Day for Knight
 8.  Kevin vs. the Volcano
 9.  Mind Games
 10. Flight for Freedom
 11. Heatwave
 12. The Thief
 13. Power Play
Season two by airdate:
 1.  The Sorceress
 2.  Dreammaker
 3.  Opah
 4.  The Gladiators
 5.  Life's A Beach
 6.  Future Boy
 7.  Siren's Song
 8.  In Dinos We Trust
 9.  Annie in Charge
 10. Make My Day
 11. Cheers
 12. Sorceress's Apprentice
 13. Misery Loves Company
Season two in chronology:
 1.  Opah
 2.  The Sorceress
 3.  Dreammaker
 4.  The Gladiators
 5.  Life's A Beach
 6.  Future Boy
 7.  Siren's Song
 8.  In Dinos We Trust
 9.  Annie in Charge
 10. Make My Day
 11. Cheers
 12. Sorceress's Apprentice
 13. Misery Loves Company

I have used a timespan of about 2 years to cover all of the events of the two seasons of the 1990's Land of the Lost. Unlike the original LOTL, the producers here seemed to have the seasons progress close to real time, i.e. each season represents about one year of the Porters time in the Land of the Lost.  While it might be somewhat arguable about how much time has passed for the Porters in the first season, during the second it is acknowledged that a fair amount of time has passed as witnessed by the celebration of birthdays and the occasional showing of Annie wearing Kevin's hand-me-downs from the first season!  Also, in one second season episode, "Dreammaker", we learn the day's date (September 19, 1992, close to the original airdate of the episode!  Presumably, the Porters were basing the date on the number of days that had passed for them since arriving in the Land since they have no way of knowing whether the Land exists in their Earth time's past or future).

The day on which each set of events takes place is just my best guess unless stated otherwise.



Black=directly from the TV show

Tan= speculation based on events from the TV show. Parenthetical comments following are my reasoning in believing the speculation or the events' particular placement in the chronology to be valid.


DAY 1 (Opening titles)

  • While driving through the mountains on a camping trip, the Porters truck falls through an opening in the ground caused by an immense earthquake.  They land in a cave and drive through a portal of swirling, blue mists and arrive in the Land of the Lost.


DAY 2-14

  • The Porters explore the Land a bit but soon realize that the danger of the place necessitates having a "permanent" base of operations/home for safety and they build the treehouse.  (It is impossible to say exactly how much time has passed from the moment the Porters arrived in the Land to the beginning of the first episode, "Tasha".  Obviously enough time has passed to allow the Porters to build their treehouse (they're already living in it in "Tasha") but not enough for them to have thoroughly explored their valley or meet Christa and Stink and the Sleestaks.  What else happened during this time is unknown, but I have an upcoming story in which I relate my version of the events which engaged not only the Porters but also Christa and Stink and the Sleestaks during these two weeks and which also has a bit of a tie-in with the original Land of the Lost.)

DAY 15 ("Tasha")

  • Porters near completion of treehouse.   (The treehouse appears complete at first glance, but the following day we see Tom working on the roof and also installing or adjusting the door, suggesting they're near completion--though it's possible Tom is only performing repairs.)

  • During the night the Porters hear Scarface attack Tasha's mother.

DAY 16 ("Tasha")

  • The Porters find Tasha's egg and take it back to the treehouse.

  • Scarface attacks the treehouse for the first time.

  • Porters set up a tin can alarm system to warn of Scarface's approach.

  • That night, Tasha (a parasaurolophus) hatches from the egg.


DAY 17 ("Tasha")

  • Porters finish work on treehouse and set booby trap for Scarface.

  • That night, Scarface attacks the treehouse and is repelled the electrical booby trap.


DAY 18-19

  • Unknown.


DAY 20 ("Something's Watching")

  • Kevin is chased by makani.

  • Porters meet Christa and Stink for the first time.

  • Tom is bitten by an osongi and cured with Christa's medicine.


DAY 21 ("Something's Watching")

  • Christa and Stink say good-bye...for now.


DAY 22-23

  • Unknown.


DAY 24 ("Jungle Girl")

  • That night, triple eclipse of the moons begins.


DAY 25 ("Jungle Girl")

  • Porters search for Christa in hopes that she knows a way out of the Land of the Lost.

  • Natives of the Land begin to go crazy due to influence of triple eclipse.

  • Christa takes Porters to her cave where they learn a bit about her past.

  • Triple eclipse ends.

(I've placed "Jungle Girl" ahead of "Shung the Terrible" in the chronology because at the beginning of STT it is stated that Christa has already told the Porters that she doesn't know how to escape from the Land, which we see revealed in JG.)


DAY 26-28

  • Unknown.


DAY 29 ("Shung the Terrible")

  • Porters search for a way out of the Land.

  • Sleestak take the truck with Tasha inside.

  • Porters, Christa and Stink rescue Tasha.

  • That night, they all share dinner.

  • Stink stays the night.  (I suggest that Stink stays over for the night since we see that he has joined the Porters in their campout in "The Crystal", the episode which immediately follows. I have chosen to place the beginning of their campout the day after STT.  Although it is never stated explicitly in the episode, it seems logical to presume that they are exploring and continuing to search for an escape from the Land.  In a sense, this makes TC a continuation of the events in STT.)


DAY 30

  • The Porters search for an escape from the Land and Stink accompanies them.  (We see at the beginning of "The Crystal" that the Porters have already begun their campout though it's unclear exactly how long they've been out.)


DAY 31  ("The Crystal")

  • Porters explore.

  • Shung loses his crystal over a cliff where it is found by Stink who gives it to Annie.

  • Camp-out continues.

  • During the night, Annie uses the crystal to steal Kevin's candy.


DAY 32  ("The Crystal")

  • The crystal continues to exert an evil influence on Annie.

  • Sleestak attack Porters' camp and are defeated by Annie.

  • Annie is convinced by the others to throw away the crystal.

  • Porters return to the treehouse.

  • Shung recovers the crystal.


DAY 33-50

  • Tasha begins to become a nuisance to the Porters.  (At the beginning of  "Wild Thing" we are told that Tasha has been causing problems recently.)


DAY 51 ("Wild Thing")

  • Annie witnesses battle between Scarface and Spike the stegosaur.

  • That night, Tasha has a nightmare, awakening everyone.

  • During the night, Sleestak set a trap for Tasha in order to use her as bait for the Porters.


DAY 52 ("Wild Thing")

  • Tasha chews through leash, escapes from pen, destroys Tom's homemade shower.

  • At the end of the day, Porters set Tasha free.

  • That night, Annie hears Tasha's cries as she's caught in the Sleestak trap.


DAY 53 ("Wild Thing")

  • Sleestak find Tasha

  • Porters search for Tasha

  • Big Guy saves Tasha from Sleestak.

  • Porters give Tasha another chance.


DAY 54-82

  • Kevin begins karate training from Tom.  

  • Porters set up camouflaged hiding places in the jungle.

(We see Tom continuing karate lessons with Kevin in the second season episode, "The Gladiators".  In "Day for Knight" (Day 83) we see Kevin dreaming of defending Christa with some karate moves, which suggests he knew some karate already.  Episodes before this show Kevin as less than effective in physical combat situations.  Also in DFK, Kevin and Balen hide from Scarface under a stack of sticks and leaves that looks suspiciously manmade; perhaps the Porters intentionally made these hiding places in scattered locations throughout the jungle for use against pursuit by dinosaurs and Sleestak.)


DAY 83 ("Day for Knight")

  • Kevin, Annie, Christa and Stink are ambushed by Sleestak.

  • Blue portal opens, admitting medieval knight's apprentice, Balen, who helps chase off Sleestak.

  • That night, Balen shares dinner with Porters, Christa and Stink.

  • Tasha is off wandering this night. (Early in the day, Kevin mentions that Balen scared her away with his arrival. A little later in the day she returns to the tree-house, but flees again when Kevin and Annie bring Balen home with them. Why she takes so long to return to the tree-house in unknown. We don't see Tasha at all until the next day when she inadvertently frightens Balen with her presence; perhaps, besides her initial fright by the quake and Balen's arrival, she has acquired a bit of wanderlust after being in the wild in "Wild Thing".)


DAY 84 ("Day for Knight")

  • Sleestak search for Balen.

  • Balen and Kevin encounter Scarface.

  • Portal opens and Balen leaves.


DAY 85-97

  • Kevin goes into a funk when he begins to miss kids his own age and becomes bored.

  • Tom and Annie build a basketball hoop and make a basketball.

(In "Kevin vs. the Volcano", Annie comments on Kevin's boredom.  In the same episode, Tom and Annie present the already completed basketball and hoop to Kevin as a gift.)


DAY 98 ("Kevin vs. the Volcano")

  • Kevin receives basketball and hoop as a gift.

  • Volcano erupts.

  • Tom and Christa try to divert lava from path towards treehouse, but fail.

  • Kevin, Annie and Stink take Porter belongings to Christa's cave for safekeeping.

  • Kevin discovers giant crystal and it stops the volcano, sparing the treehouse.

(The giant crystal in KVTV is the basis for the one discovered by Shung in my script, "Crystals Are a Sleestak's Best Friend", posted elsewhere on this site.)

DAY 99 ("Kevin vs. the Volcano")

  • Tom and Kevin vs. Annie and Stink in basketball.


DAY 100-149



DAY 150-153

  • Virtually non-stop rain.  (Mentioned in "Mind Games".)


DAY 154 ("Mind Games")

  • Rain ends.

  • That night, Sleestak set traps for Christa but catch Stink instead.

  • Christa rescues Stink and accidentally drops her peace medallion.


DAY 155 ("Mind Games")

  • Christa begins teaching Annie to track and hunt.

  • Tom, Kevin and Stink fix rain damage to treehouse.

  • Shung gets ahold of Christa's medallion and uses it and his power crystal to exert mind control over her.

  • Christa finally rejects Shung's control and recovers the medallion.


DAY 156-220



DAY 221

  • Truck is not running well.  (In "Flight for Freedom" {Day 222}, we see Kevin working on the truck in the morning.)


DAY 222 ("Flight for Freedom")

  • Kevin discovers "lizard nest" in the air filter of the truck.

  • Earthquake/windstorm damages truck ignition.

  • Porters suspect a portal is opening.

  • Kevin jury-rigs the ignition so they can go search for the portal.

  • Annie tries to smuggle Stink and Tasha along.

  • Portal closes before Porters can escape.


DAY 223-248



DAY 249-252

  • Heat wave.

(At the beginning of  "Heat Wave" {Day 253}, the Porters mention that the heat wave has been going on for the past few days.)


DAY 253 ("Heat Wave")

  • Heat wave continues.

  • Tom and Kevin must go far to find water and they encounter Sleestak but evade them.

  • Stink goes in search of suinaku.

  • That night, rain finally comes.


DAY 254-258



DAY 259 ("The Thief")

  • Kevin searches for gems to make a necklace for Christa.

  • Treehouse damaged by Pterodactyl.

  • That night, Porters throw birthday party for Christa.


DAY 260-290



DAY 291 ("Power Play")

  • Tasha gets sick.

  • That night, Porters' flashlights give out due to bad batteries.


DAY 292

  • Tom goes in search of power crystals to replace batteries.

  • Tom is held captive by Shung.

  • Shung is injured by Scarface.

  • Stink dresses in drag.

  • Tom escapes and finds crystals.

  • That night, Porters replace batteries with crystals.


DAY 293-307

  • Porters search for fuel sources to refine into gasoline for the truck.

(Since we see the Porters worried about the lack of fuel for the truck in "Opah", it seems reasonable to assume they've been searching for something to replace it before then as well.)


DAY 308 ("Opah")

  • Porters meet Opah.

  • Opah and Stink reunited.

  • Tom continues to search for fuel, finds oil.

  • Opah chases away Scarface with music from a flute.

  • Opah introduces Porters to ota-osu (fire-water) fuel.

  • Opah gives Stink flute, then leaves.

(I placed "Opah" at the top of the second season so that it could be said to almost immediately follow "Power Play".  It seems reasonable to assume that the gasoline for the truck would run out at about the same time as the batteries in the Porters' electronic equipment.)


DAY 309-334



DAY 335 ("The Sorceress")

  • Annie encounters Keela and Magas.

  • Keela casts spell of speech on Tasha.

  • Keela stays the night.

  • During the night, Magas threatens them.


DAY 336 ("The Sorceress")

  • Tasha annoys all with her incessant talking.

  • Magas captures Annie.

  • Keela forced to transform Magas back to human form.

  • Magas defeated.  He leaves powerless but still human.

  • Tasha loses speech.


DAY 337-448

  • Unknown.


DAY 449 ("Dreammaker")

  • Kevin dismantles carburetor to clean it.

  • Earthquake occurs.

  • That night, Tom hears strange Earth-like sounds outside.


DAY 450 ("Dreammaker")

  • Another earthquake occurs.

  • Tom finds parking ticket on truck with correct date (9/19/92).

  • Kevin receives his favorite T.V. show on his portable T.V.

  • Porters suspect Portal has opened and investigate.

  • Porters find their old neighborhood in the middle of the jungle.

  • After exploring their house, a suspicious Tom urges everyone back to the treehouse.


DAY 451 ("Dreammaker")

  • Porters return to the neighborhood.

  • Porters find the dreammaker pylon in an old Sleestak cave and disable it.


DAY 452-477



DAY 478 ("The Gladiators")

  • For amusement, Shung uses his power crystal to force Princess and Spike to fight.

  • Shung gains mental control over Christa.

  • Tom teaches Kevin some karate.

  • Shung lures the Porters to him.

  • Kevin defeats Keeg.

  • Shung forces Tom and Kevin to fight each other.

  • Christa shrugs off Shung's control and destroys Shung's crystal.


DAY 479-483



DAY 484 ("Life's A Beach")

  • Porters, Christa and Stink drive to the beach.

  • Kevin attacked by sea creature.

  • Porters, Christa and Stink meet Namaki.

  • Christa learns about her past.


DAY 485-489



DAY 490 ("Future Boy")

  • Simon Cardenas arrives via time-belt.

  • Cyborg arrives.

  • Annie forces Cy off a cliff.

  • Simon returns home.


DAY 491-495



DAY 496 ("The Siren")

  • Porters, Christa and Stink visit Namaki.

  • Christa leaves to explore the next valley.

  • Annie disappears.

  • That night, Tom feels guilty for letting something happen to his daughter and Kevin comforts him.


DAY 497 ("The Siren")

  • Kevin disappears.

  • Tom disappears.

  • Porters confront the siren.

  • Namaki and Stink rescue the Porters.

  • The siren is freed.


DAY 498-528



DAY 529 ("In Dinos We Trust")

  • Kevin spies on Christa.

  • Christa gets very mad at Kevin.

  • Tom and Annie build raft.

  • Kevin goes to the Valley of Death and is blinded by a spitting viper.

  • Tasha leads Kevin home.

  • Christa gives Kevin the antidote to the poison.

  • Kevin promises not to spy on Christa again.


DAY 530-542



DAY 543 ("Annie in Charge")

  • Porters discover termites in treehouse's support poles.

  • Tom and Kevin discover cyborg fortress; they are gassed by its intruder control system and fall down a hill.

  • That night, Annie worries when Tom and Kevin fail to return.


DAY 544 ("Annie in Charge")

  • Tom and Kevin wake up with amnesia.

  • Christa is kidnapped by Cy.

  • Christa is rescued by the Porters and Stink.


DAY 545 ("Annie in Charge")

  • Tom and Kevin regain their memories.


DAY 546-548



DAY 549 ("Make My Day")

  • Tasha is teething.

  • Stink finds an old laser gun in Sleestak ruins.

  • Kevin is captured by Sleestak and is saved by Big Guy.


DAY 550-603



DAY 604 ("Cheers")

  • Stink finds fermented fruit.

  • Annie puts one of the bikes back together.

  • Kevin gets drunk and asks Christa for a date.

  • That night, Kevin gets drunk again and smashes the truck into a tree on the way to his date with Christa.

  • Kevin misses his date and lies to cover up what happened.


DAY 605 ("Cheers")

  • Kevin gets drunk and picks a fight with Sleestak.

  • Christa rescues Kevin from Sleestak.

  • Kevin gets grounded for 2 weeks.


  DAY 606-619

  • Kevin is grounded, works as punishment.


DAY 620 ("Sorceress's Apprentice")

  • During the night, Keela gives her spellbook to Annie for safekeeping.


DAY 621 ("Sorceress's Apprentice")

  • Tom goes to salt lick.

  • Annie hides the spellbook but Shung steals it.

  • Tom is captured by the Sleestak.

  • Annie vs. Shung with magic.

  • Annie gets spellbook back, rescues Tom.

  • Keela retrieves spellbook.


DAY 622-751


(I placed a large gap of days here because Annie states in "Misery Loves Company" that Tasha is going through the terrible twos. This would indicate that the Porters have been in the Land for over two years.)

DAY 752 ("Misery Loves Company")

  • Rain threatens.

  • Stink fakes an injury to get sympathy.

  • Kevin patches treehouse roof.

  • Kevin teaches Stink a lesson.