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Land of the Lost news from around the world and beyond
(The oldest items start at the bottom of the page)

LOTL70 = the three seasons of the original Land of the Lost series of the 1970s featuring the Marshall family.
LOTL90 = the two seasons of the Land of the Lost series of 1990s featuring the Porter family.

An Awesome Collage of Homage  
Recognize those people on the right-hand side of this piece? That's right! Our favorite forest ranger and his kids! A great likeness of Spencer Milligan as an animated character. (Some of our other friends lurking as well. Although the pylon is not quite depicted correctly; do you see it?) This artwork by Dusty Abell is clearly a labor of love for the Saturday morning shows of the 1970s. Can you name all shows represented here? This piece makes me yearn for a Land of the Lost comic book.

Click the image to visit Dusty's blog at DeviantArt and see the LARGE version. He also has a great tribute to 70s sci-fi programming in the same vein on his page.

A Tribute to an Accomplished Artisan

A great two-part article on the career of Wah Chang who died in 2003. He was the designer of most of the dinosaurs on LOTL70, as well creating many of the well known devices and creatures on the original Star Trek series and many other shows and movies. He was also an accomplished creator of fine art. Much of the article comes from the 1989 book The Life and Sculpture of Wah Ming Chang written by his wife Glen and cousin David Barrow.

And a
video interview.

Jungle Girl for a Day

Here is the web page of Shannon Day
, the actress who portrayed Christa the Jungle Girl in LOTL90.

Marshall, Will and Holly (oh, and Rick) on a Routine Expedition

Here's a fan's somewhat distorted view of his favorite show as a kid.

I Want My LOTL90!

The LOTL70 DVD boxed set is being re-released May 26th. This time not by Rhino, but by Universal Studios, just in time for the theatrical movie. There will also be a Limited Retro Lunchbox Edition (I hope there is some way to distinguish this new box from the collector's item originals!). But no word on a release of the 90s version of the show...bummer. Though not of the quality of the 70s show story-wise, it had it had its fun moments. You can vote to have LOTL90 released on DVD by registering at

Deck the Halls with Enik and Holly  
I found this photo of the late, great Walker Edmiston (Enik) with Kathy Coleman (Holly) in a photo vault at

Own Your Own Dopey!

Well, not quite...but pretty close.

What's in a Name?

Here is an interesting tidbit about how NBC was sued about the use of the title "Land of the Lost" by the author of the children's book (and later radio series) called Land of the Lost (1933). (Source: Jenny's Wonderland of Books.)

Isabel Manning Hewson Kirkland vs NBC

USDC, E.D. Penn (12-17-1976) ¤ 425 F.Supp. 1111
In 1933, Kirkland originated a story called "Land of the Lost" which became a radio program broadcast from 1943 to 1948. Children listeners formed “Land of the Lost” clubs, but the last disbanded by January 1954.

NBC started a new children’s television program called
Land of the Lost (unrelated but for the title) in September 1974. Kirkland thought her rights to the title had been infringed. The Judge ruled that "a copyright in literary material does not secure any right in title itself". Any secondary meaning attained by the title had been abandoned by her doing nothing for more than 20 years since the last commercial use by Kirkland. There was no "likelihood of confusion" between the programs of NBC and Kirkland. Whatever her previous success, "her extended non-use has resulted in a loss of rights to the title".

It's Not So Bad It's Good, It's Just Good

Did you know? LOTL has an entry in the Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures.

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