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Land of the Lost news from around the world and beyond
(The oldest items start at the bottom of the page)

LOTL70 = the three seasons of the original Land of the Lost series of the 1970s featuring the Marshall family.
LOTL90 = the two seasons of the Land of the Lost series of 1990s featuring the Porter family.


He Who Laughs Last is Lost in the Land

The Land of the Lost movie is in post-production. Directed by Brad Silberling (Lemony Snicket) from a script by Dennis McNicholas (The Ladies Man) and Chris Henchy (Entourage), the film stars Will Ferrell as Rick Marshall, Danny McBride as Will, Anna Friel as Holly and Jorma Toccone as Chaka. Scheduled to be released June 5, 2009. Estimated budget was $100 million. It's being called an adventure-comedy and LOTL fans have long been upset at the casting of Ferrell which will likely turn the formerly sober and capable patriarch role of Rick Marshall into a bumbling buffoon. Still, Ferrell is reputed to be a big fan of the original show so maybe he'll want to retain some dignity to the character and cut back on his usual slapstick. Then again, Universal Pictures' website refers to the character as having "questionable smarts" and describes the Land of the Lost as "a place of spectacular sights and super-scaled comedy." Wonderful, just frakking wonderful. :(

In the film, Rick Marshall is a disgraced paleontologist trying to prove his far-out theories about pre-historic life. Along with his research assistant, Holly and a survivalist named Will Stanton (that's right, Marshall, Will and Holly are no longer related) are sucked into a time-space vortex to the Land of the Lost where they encounter dinosaurs, Sleestak and Chaka. I actually don't mind the change to the family dynamic and the idea of Rick Marshall being a paleontologist (instead of a park ranger as in the show) is a neat idea. The Sleestaks also look very cool, instantly recognizable as based on the original creatures but with the costumes much more detailed and realistic; they also shoot spines from their skin instead of carrying those pathetic crossbow thingies they used in the series...hopefully their aim has improved as well!

Visit my Land of the Lost Movie Page where I will frequently be adding links to articles and photos about the film.


S&M Videos Now Available on

Sid and Marty Krofft now have an official online presence at world-famous The coolest part of their page are the Krofft Kwikies, 4-minute videos which highlight episodes of their stable of shows, including the original Land of the Lost! Hopefully some LOTL90 Kwikies will be added as well. Also, don't miss Sid and Marty's introductory video on the home page, shot on the set of the Land of the Lost movie...looks like a soundstage made up as caverns of the Lost City!


It's Time for Space!

LOTL70 made the list of The Worst Sci-Fi TV Show Openings (in other words, the opening theme song/credits).

  He Loves the Pak

Don't forget to rent the DVD of
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back featuring Will Ferrell as Federal Wildlife Marshall Willenholly! There's even an action figure! Ferrell will go on to star as Rick Marshall in the Land of the Lost movie.
Willenholly figure

I Never Liked Disco

If you haven't seen it, check out the music video of Everclear's "A.M. Radio" on YouTube. At about the 2:42 mark there are a few seconds of Land of the Lost footage featuring the stone logo, Grumpy and Spot!
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