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Land of the Lost news from around the world and beyond
(The oldest items start at the bottom of the page)

LOTL70 = the three seasons of the original Land of the Lost television series of the 1970s featuring the Marshall family.
LOTL90 = the two seasons of the Land of the Lost television series of 1990s featuring the Porter family.

Walker Edmiston
R.I.P. February 15, 2007

Walker, of course, played Enik on Land of the Lost.
He was also the confederate soldier Jefferson Davis Collee III in the
episode "Downstream". He was a great voice talent.

Read more about his professional career on Mark Evanier's site.
Mark contributed to an obit which you can read at L.A. Times.
You have to register first to read it.



The World Within

Lester Fountain is attempting to get his World Within stories (inspired by LOTL) made into a movie. Click here for updates on his progress.

Pope Blesses Sleestak

Hopeful news about LOTL action figures, as reported in an item dated August 2000 at Kidscreen:

Meanwhile, toy stores have gotten Krofft-ier with a new a new line of LivingToys-produced action figures and beanie dolls that portray the likes of Pufnstuf and Electra Woman. "The Sleestak (the creatures from Land of the Lost) and Freddy The Flute (from Pufnstuf) are our most requested figures that we haven't released yet. Rest assured they are in production," says Pope. "Next up is developing projects around superheroes Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and Sigmond and the Sea Monsters. It's a lot of fun. Everyone we're in business with is a big fan-and they also make great movies."

The Pope mentioned in the news item is, of course, Randy Pope, a producer for Krofft Productions.

Name That Lizard

Read a brief bio of an iguana named Sleestak.

Does Her T-Shirt Actually Say Holly..?
...or Hollywood?  I found this picture of Kathy Coleman at the Eight is Enough Photo Gallery.  
Kathy Coleman  

Wesley Eure On a Roll!

(Hold the mayo.)

Reports indicate that either Artisan or Disney studios is making an animated film based on Wesley Eure's children's book (illustrated by Ron Palillo, "Horshach" from Welcome Back, Kotter) The Red Wings of Christmas, that should be out around Christmas 2001.

Also, be on the lookout for Wesley's new children's book, Fish Out of Water.

(Thanks to Erin for the heads up!)

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