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Land of the Lost news from around the world and beyond
(The oldest items start at the bottom of the page)

LOTL70 = the three seasons of the original Land of the Lost television series of the 1970s featuring the Marshall family.
LOTL90 = the two seasons of the Land of the Lost television series of 1990s featuring the Porter family.

The Man in the Sleestak Mask
Here is Tom Allard, the Shakespearian trained actor who played both Shung and Namaki in the 1990's LOTL.  I'm telling you, you've never heard Shakespeare until you've heard it in the original Sleestak.

It's All Pakuni to Me

Check out the UCLA homepage for Victoria Fromkin creator of the Pakuni language for the original LOTL.

lotllbx1.jpg (48215 bytes) A Very Attractive Item

I've seen this refrigerator magnet for sale on ebay for about $5.00 but I managed to pick it up for 3 at the San Diego Comic Con.  The image is from the lunchbox.

Land of the Lost Becomes an Hour Long, Adult Series

Well, almost.

lostworld.jpg (6717 bytes) I was at the San Diego Comic Con the weekend of August 12-15 and learned that a new TV series will soon be premiering in syndication called The Lost World.  Based on the Arthur Conan Doyle novel of the same name, the series, set in 1914 (I think),  is about a group of people who become stranded on an enormous, high and nearly unreachable plateau in South America filled with dinosaurs, ape-men and other strange creatures, and lost civilizations.  Some of you may have already seen the two-hour premiere movie on TNT. 

In fact, it you have the DirectTV satellite dish, you may have already seen several of the episodes as the show is being produced for that service's Action Adventure Network.  The syndicated episodes are edited versions of the programs and will air approximately 3 months after their first run on AAN.  The AAN version of the premiere one hour episode was shown at the Con by producers John Landis and David Abramowitz (some of you may be familiar with David as the producer of the Highlander series) and actually contained a nude scene, hence the aforementioned editing for its syndicated run.

In the movie, unlike the novel, our heroes do not manage to escape from the Lost World at the end in order to allow it to flow into the actual series.  In the premiere, the stranded adventurers are struggling to survive in their new home and hope to someday find a way off the plateau.  They live in a Swiss Family Robinson-type treehouse and have only a few modern (for 1914) conveniences such as guns and metal knives.  I won't give away the story except to say that it involves them encountering a race of lizard-men who enslave humans.  Landis and Abramowitz said the stories for the series will run the gamut from action to drama to comedy.  This episode was very cheesy, a la goofier episodes of Xena, but was fairly fun.   The vote remains out for me until I see a few more episodes.

The Lost World will premiere in syndication during the last week of September.  Check your local listings!

DirectTV Press Release  2nd Press Release


Where There's a Will There's a Wesley

wesfk.jpg (4332 bytes)

Wesley Eure as host of Nickolodeon's game show, Finders Keepers.  (From Finders Keepers Frenzy)

Here's a bit of information about the career of Wesley Eure post-LOTL...

The Toolbox Murders - 1978

A ski-masked psyhco spends his time spying on the pastimes of the women who inhabit an apartment building, then takes his toolbox over there to hammer home some moral points! A woman is masturbating in her bubble bath when the masked bad guy chases the girl around the room and dispatches her with a nail-gun shot into the head.

Director - Dennis Donnelly

Starring - Cameron Mitchell, Pamelyn Ferdin and Wesley Eure.


weure.jpg (7302 bytes)
from Where Are They Now?


redwings.jpg (4288 bytes)

Wesley wrote a children's book titled "The Red Wings of Christmas" in 1992. Disney has acquired the rights to turn it into a animated feature film and Wes is writing the screenplay. In the story, Albert accidentally climbs into Santa's sack, and he finds himself drawn into a conflict between good and bad toys that could result in no toys being given out on Christmas Eve. The illustrations were done by Ron Palillo (Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter). A book tour is forthcoming. He has written 8 children's books. He's also been expanding his company, "Games At Sea," which produces on-board entertainment for cruise lines. In 1990, Wesley wrote a humor book on office life called "That's the Fax." It contains "the world's all-time greatest fax cover sheets." That same year, he wrote "On the wall off the wall office humor." For a few years, he hosted a children's game show on Nickelodeon called "Finders Keepers." After leaving in 1981, he performed a variety show in Vegas, opening for Bill Cosby. He later produced Totally Hidden Video for Fox for 2 years. He also worked on PBS' animated series "Dragon Tales." Wesley went on Dick McInnes' Salem Reunion Cruise in 1995. These cruises often feature people who have been away from Days for years. The others on the cruise were Susan Seaforth Hayes and Roberta Leighton. Wesley's only acting jobs since leaving Days were an appearance in "Toolbox Murders," a movie by Stephen King and "Chomps," a movie about an out of control robotic dog. (Where Are They Now?)

  wespassw.jpg (13532 bytes)
Eure as guest on Password.  (The Allen Ludden Page)

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