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Land of the Lost news from around the world and beyond
(The oldest items start at the bottom of the page)

LOTL70 = the three seasons of the original Land of the Lost television series of the 1970s featuring the Marshall family.
LOTL90 = the two seasons of the Land of the Lost television series of 1990s featuring the Porter family.

Land of the Lost Saucer

You simply must check out This is a site dedicated to the belief that intelligent reptilian creatures are observing Earth and will soon make themselves known to us either malevolently or beneveolently.  Their media page suggests that virtually all of our U.S.-centric movie and television entertainment containing reptilian creatures are part of a controlled program to indoctrinate us human beings to the idea of extra-terrestrial or other-dimensional lizards landing on Earth and effecting our lives.  Even children's programming like Barney, Dinosaurs and Land of the Lost are part of this plot.  You guessed it--Sleestaks will soon walk among us (but only at night I guess).  Now, I follow some pretty strange stuff myself, but this degree of intentional media influence regarding reptilians is unlikely at best.

This unusual passage is from the Land of the Lost paragraph:

In one particular episode, a reptilian humanoid alien, named "Zarn", arrives on the scene to study humans that radiate "emotional heat"...much like experiencers reports stating that the reptilian aliens appear to enjoy their emotionally heightened state and may even find it nourishing.

Zarn is a reptilian humanoid?  Humanoid, yes.  Reptilian...there's not much of him to see but there's no suggestion of him being reptilian.

There's also mention of two "unaired" episodes of a cheesy show from which I get a guilty pleasure, V:

It is curious to note that two unaired episodes contained scenes which incorporated two concepts regarding the reptilian alien phenomena that have only recently come to light within the UFO research community. a) A second division of the reptilian alien race exists which are benevolent in their actions, are allies of the human "non-believers" and sworn enemies of the "visitor" aggressive reptilians, and b) the reptilian aliens were shown slipping back and forth from an alternate dimension. These two concepts, although never presented to the public, later surfaced as key factors regarding the modern reptilian alien perspective.)

The "a" sounds like the Fifth Column of Visitors that were in most episodes of V, not an unaired episode.  The "b" doesn't sound familiar, but I'm sure there were no "unaired" episodes, though perhaps they mean to say "unfilmed", i.e. an unproduced script.  Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any information on this?


This Just In (Months Ago)...

An article by Ross Plesset in the February '99 issue of Cinefantastique reports that the rights to do a Land of the Lost movie have reverted back to Krofft Productions after Disney's option expired.  The Kroffts have Adam Rifkin (Small Soldiers) working on a new screenplay [apparently scripts by other writers had been considered by Disney; I'd heard that one by one of the writers of Demolition Man had been written].  The Kroffts say that the film will feature Marshall, Will and Holly and other characters.   It's said they will not rely solely on CGI for the special effects, so I wouldn't expect Jurassic Park level dinosaurs.  But the stop-motion effects of the Chiodo brothers on the '90s version of the show were great, so I hope we'll see some of that.

[Thanks to Mike Bisbee for the reference.]

Anyone for a game of Slackers & Sleestaks?

Here's a quote from some kind of Dungeons and Dragons site, Grymwurld:

The first sentient creatures in Grymwurld were a race of creatures somewhat serpentlike, lizardlike, and yet not cold-blooded reptiles. There are many names for these peoples, Dragons, Nagas, Sleestak, et cetera; yet very little is known of them. Undoubtedly great civilisations rose and collapsed [emphasis mine].

I can hear it now:  "The first Sleestak shoots a crossbow bolt at you...he misses.  The second one shoots...he misses.  The next one shoots...he misses.  Next one...misses..."

Sleestak on a Stick...err, Skateboard

Boy are these Sleestak dudes popular or what?  The designers must have tapped into some primal part of the universal mind.   Here's a Sleeso-influenced skateboarding magazine with the website

And check out this artwork by someone named Sleestak--what kind of parents would name their kid after a lizard?  The guy with the pipe in the picture, by the way, is Bob of the Church of the Subgenius.  There are other images made by this Sleestak guy on various Subgenius-related web pages...including another one that features the image of a Sleestak but it's somewhat "adult", so I'm hesitant to link it here.  Look for it yourself!

The Sound of Your Voice

Check out DeeT's 70s Page for a blast to the past.  This site features many soundwaves of 70s children's shows this gentleman recorded on his tape recorder as a boy. Included here is a promo for the soon to premiere Land of the Lost on NBC!  And I remember that narrator's voice now that I hear it!  If you're in your late 20s-30s, chances are you'll remember it, too.

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