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Episode 08

Airdate: 1974/10/24
Writer: Dick Morgan
Director: Bob Lally

Once Will has confirmed that Grumpy is busy chasing Spot, it looks like the coast is clear for Holly and her brother to continue working at uprooting giant carrots from their garden. They have tied vines to the carrot tops and slung them over a tree branch. Before they can start, Will's attention turns to a flock of red-white-and-blue chickens feeding nearby. Desiring more than carrots to eat, he asks Holly to keep quiet while he stalks his prey. Holly of course shatters the silence with a scream when she spots a trio of flying golden diamonds circling above a nearby pylon, scaring her brother's patriotic dinners-to-be away. Will accepts her apology after she explains what she saw. After some reminiscing about their home back on Earth, and more work tying their vines to the carrot tops, they receive and reply to a sun signal from Dad. While still holding his signalling mirror, Will notices that reflected sunlight from pivoting his mirror twinkles off something shiny on the pylon. He makes an excuse to Holly about investigating it alone, instructing her to signal Dad about his sidetracking and return to High Bluff, but she follows him instead, not wanting to miss out. Since they are now out of view of the cave, Will impatiently decides to head on without notifying their father. After a near encounter with Grumpy, who pursues and slays Spot, they run off through the jungle.

At the pylon, Will and Holly find a hand-sized tetrahedral key projecting from its surface. When Will sun-signals at it, the key falls off, and strongly repels his attempts to restore it to its original position. With all his strength Will slaps it against the pylon's surface, where it finally adheres, tingles his hand, and dematerializes the surface to create a diamond-shaped entrance.

Dad tries signalling to the children from High Bluff, and after getting no response, goes out to check up on them. Meanwhile, peering into the pylon, the kids see a crystal-matrix control table similar to the one in Enik's chamber in the Lost City. Holly recommends that they tell Dad first about what they've found, but they end up taking shelter in the pylon when Grumpy suddenly shows up. Dad has Spike on his trail while searching for the kids in the jungle, while Grumpy tries to attack them in the pylon. Grumpy bites the pylon, which shocks him, scaring him off.

Taking a closer look at the crystal matrix table, the children poke at it, touching crystals which cause lighting and thunder outside. Dad, having given Spike the slip, next stumbles across Cha-Ka, who is frightened by the storm. At the pylon, Holly touches each color of crystal -- blue, red, green, and yellow -- each causing more thunder, lightning, and wind. The sky turns ominous, looking suspiciously like an upside-down view of bubbling fog-machine exhaust shone on by a pink light. Back with Dad, Cha-Ka spots Will and Holly's footprints in the sand, which apparently head toward the Pakuni compound, but when they veer off, Cha-Ka heads home.

Will and Holly realize they must undo their mischief somehow, and head out to tell their father. Dad, at the garden, finds his children nowhere in sight, but runs off in pursuit of them after seeing the trio of rotating, chromatic diamonds in the sky. Will and Holly spot them too, deducing their relationship to the pylon. They are pursued by the diamonds, then rained upon by incredibly cold hailstones. As they continue running through the jungle, Will is knocked over and pinned down by a tree uprooted by the high winds of the storm.

Holly rushes to Will's side, and soon makes voice contact with her father. Dad lifts up the trunk, while Holly pulls her brother out from under it. Luckily, Will isn't seriously hurt. The kids begin to explain how they entered the pylon and apparently upset the weather, but are interrupted by a stampeding band of terror-stricken dinosaurs heading their way. With the dinosaur herd in one direction and Grumpy in the other, the family takes cover by jumping into a water hole close by. While Will informs Dad about the matrix table in the pylon, Holly notices a sequence of colors -- yellow, green, red, blue -- that the diamonds keep repeating. Dad asks Holly to detail her actions back at the pylon, which support his theory that the diamonds are trying to communicate with the Marshalls, apparently telling them to retouch the crystals in the reverse order to restore the normal weather balance. After Dad attempts to respond to the diamonds with his signalling mirror, they fly away. With the dinosaurs gone, the family treks over to the pylon.

Inside the pylon, Dad instructs Will and Holly to touch the crystals on the table in the reverse order that they had done earlier. As the last jewel is touched, the sky becomes clear and quiet. Without delay, they exit the pylon; Will turns the pyramidal key, resealing the doorway. With the weather balance restored, the flying diamonds revert back to their normal golden hue.

The family discusses their adventure once they have gathered around their campfire. Will is amazed by the pylons' power; Dad emphasizes the delicate balance that Enik's people built into the pylon's system, and that they must be careful when they experiment, since it can upset that balance. With patience, they can decipher how the pylons work, which may even control the time doorways was well as the weather. Dad also postulates that the flying diamonds are protectors of the pylons, and in the discussion, Will proposes the name "Skylons". Holly defensively points out their rule that she holds the honor of naming them, having seen them first, but she eventually agrees that "skylons" suits them best.

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