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Episode 31

Airdate: 1976/09/11
Writer: Jon Kubichan
Director: Joe Scanlan

While Dad is busy tinkering with a pylon's matrix table, Will (who now wears a tan shirt and tan pants) and Holly (who has grown at least 4 inches since the last season, yet somehow her original clothing still fits) decide to take a break for lunch outside. Holly cheerfully looks forward to their return home, when suddenly an earthquake hits. They rush back into the pylon to see if Dad is alright, but they are only seconds too late; with the time doorway opened to Earth, Dad is sucked through amidst the chaos. As quake continues on, the matrix table topples over, so Will and Holly get out of the pylon to save their lives. Major destruction is wrought across the Land: hillsides crumble, a giant crack in the ground swallows Grumpy, and even the Sleestak in the Lost City are pelted by falling rocks. When the shaking subsides, the Marshall siblings rest by their lunch site, whereupon Holly bursts into tears. Will explains to Holly that the pylon and matrix table were smashed, so they cannot follow Dad, nor can they bring him back. He can hardly keep from laughing at his sister's overdramatic sobbing while he tries his best to comfort her. He does make her feel better by bringing up the fact that Dad will do everything in his power to try and get them home.

While Will and Holly stroll through the jungle, assessing the damage that the earthquake has done, Holly spots Cha-Ka sitting dejectedly on a log. They ask their Pakuni friend what is troubling him, whereupon he replies that he is alone. He depicts how, during the earthquake, a huge crack opened up in the ground, separating him from the other Pakuni. (He must have taken a crash course in English since the last season -- he no longer speaks in his native language. He also badly needs a haircut!) Will explains that they were separated from their father as well, and proposes that they all become a new family. There conversation is interrupted by an angry two-headed hydra that has just surfaced along the swamp shore. It bobs its heads back and forth, hissing and shooting out its forked tongues at them. Will suspects that it normally lives deep within the swamp, but the earthquake had stirred it up to the surface. After fleeing from the beast, Will announces his plan to check on their supplies at their cave. Unfortunately when they arrive, they see that High Bluff is almost completely buried in rubble. Will believes that a bulldozer couldn't even dig it out (though a clear spot into their cave can easily be seen); realizing that all their tools and food are lost, Holly starts sobbing again, her tears literally raining on Will's shoulder.

After a short lunch of various tropical fruits, Will points out that they need to find a new home. Cha-Ka mentions that he likes living in trees (? the Pakuni lived in a bamboo enclosure), but Will notes that they need a home with both shelter and safety -- in essence, another cave. While searching for one through the jungle, Holly witnesses something fall out of the sky and land near the lagoon. They all begin to head over when a brief aftershock strikes. Although they get closer, their view is still obstructed, so Cha-ka climbs a tall palm tree. Another aftershock hits, whereupon he slides down all dizzy, but he did manage to see a large yellow object in the tall grass bordering the lagoon. The two-headed hydra further harasses them as they all run along the shore. Will wonders if the monster is near-sided, since it has missed them every time; Holly proposes that the deep water beast can only see clearly underwater. She advises regardless that they keep clear of LuLu ("one `Lu' for each head!" she explains). Upon approaching the site Cha-Ka mentioned, Will points out that whatever it is could be dangerous, so he proposes to go ahead alone. Holly, believing it is Dad, refuses to stay behind, so the entire group creeps forward cautiously. As they close in, Will spots what appears to be a rubber raft. Their discovery fuels Holly's theory that Dad came back to save them, prompting Will and her to speculate on the ratio of time advancement rates of this Land's to Earth's. Cha-Ka then hears someone moaning; upon investigating, it turns out to be Uncle Jack!

After Will gives his Uncle a little water, he begins to regain his strength quickly. Jack Marshall describes how he had been searching for them for six months; he knew the route that they took, so he simply followed it step by step. He doesn't seem to remember, however what happened once the earthquake hit. Holly considers it ironic that her Uncle entered the Land of the Lost the same way they did (the script writers were either lazy or just couldn't think of a better way to get the kiddie audience to swallow the story of a replacement relative miraculously showing up); while the kids are happy their uncle is safe and with them, Jack is sorry that he didn't get a chance to see their father. Cha-Ka takes kindly to the kid's new parental guardian, but has to be told how to shake Uncle Jack's hand by Holly (the Paku must have forgotten that Holly taught him that very trick very early in the 1st season). LuLu shows up once again to harass them, so they move a safe distance away into the jungle. Uncle Jack is astonished by the two-headed sea monster, but Will lets him know that he has other "friends" of theirs to meet. Will brings their attention back to finding a new home; Holly proposes the Lost City, while Will suggests the Temple. He asks his sister and Cha-Ka to gather food while he shows both to Uncle Jack, and upon regrouping, they will make a decision.

Will brings his uncle to the edge of the Lost City, noting that it is inhabited by Sleestak. He points out that the Sleestak cannot tolerate the daytime light and heat, so the troglophiles only venture out at night (unfortunately, this conflicts with many 1st season episodes). Will also notes that night or day, the plaza is guarded by Big Alice. Uncle Jack, while being a skilled engineer and general-purpose fix-it man, is unfamiliar with the term Allosaurus; before Will can explain, however, the beast conveniently appears. Uncle Jack decides that the Lost City is not the ideal residence, so they move on to tour the Temple.

At the ruins of the old Temple, Will comments on how they have never been able to enter (again, a direct contradiction to the "Musician" episode; the set is entirely different as well). Jack touches one of the doors, whereupon it shifts open with a boom; he postulates that it was jarred loose by the quake. Both of them are impressed with the Temple interior; once the door is fixed, it should be impregnable. Uncle Jack decides that the Marshalls have just found their new home. With sundown approaching, they head out to gather firewood; Jack also has a plan to fix the door.

Will becomes frustrated while trying to start their fire with flint and tinder, so Uncle Jack throws him a fresh pack of matches. Will is surprised and happy, but at the same time mentions that such items are worth their weight in gold in this Land. Jack is concerned for Holly and Cha-Ka, since it is nearly dark; Will assures him that they know the dangers at night, and should be back any minute. Uncle Jack shows his nephew how he has placed the logs he gathered under the huge stone door to form a set of rollers. He also assures Will that by applying simple engineering principles, they can raise the tilted door up flush with the opening.

Just then Holly calls out for Will and Jack's help; she and Cha-Ka are being chased by Sleestak. (Although the Sleestak were far from graceful in past seasons, they now, perhaps partly due to better fitting costumes, don't even bother to look scary. They neither stagger nor dart suddenly like halfway-convincing monsters; they just clop forward with arms held slightly out to the side, as if walking in a soaked sweatshirt.) Will grabs a pair of torches, handing one to Uncle Jack, and they easily drive the Sleestak away. Just after Uncle Jack comments on the green monsters' ugliness, the Sleestak Leader demands the family surrender the Temple. (Will identifies the Leader as the only Sleestak that can talk to the Marshalls, yet his ability to so outside of the Library of Skulls contradicts 2nd season episodes.) Uncle Jack sternly voices that they have already staked their claim, but the Leader insists they have their own cave to live in. Will points out how the earthquake has destroyed their cave, but the Leader likewise argues that the Lost City's tunnels are no longer safe. Will angrily refuses to give up their newfound home, so the Leader warns it will be taken by force; just then the Sleestak advance out of the jungle, this time shielding themselves with giant leaves. Uncle Jack realizes that they can't try and fend them off all night, so he hands his torch back to Will to go help Holly move the door into place. With a pair of pathetic, two-inch diameter bamboo poles, they attempt to lever an 8-by-8 foot, 18-inch thick solid stone door into place. The effort obviously fails, so Uncle Jack gets Will's help; Holly and Cha-ka each take turns keeping the Sleestak at bay with the torches. Will, using a stronger pole, pushes end-on at the door; it slowly begins to move when a Sleestak's claw snips Holly's torch away. She sends Cha-Ka for help just as the men shift the door into place, so Will grabs another torch and takes Holly's place outside. Using a torch in each hand, he drives the now shieldless Sleestak back; he manages to slip through the doorway just before the massive door closes. Safe and sound in the Temple at last, Holly is glad that her uncle is with them.

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