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Episode 03

Airdate: 1974/09/21
Writer: Margaret Armen
Director: Dennis Steinmetz

Will and Holly are struggling to push a giant, sideless wooden cart through a clearing in the jungle. Dad made the cart for them to transport giant harvested fruits and vegetables, but has made the cart too heavy. Will manages to get the cart moving by pushing from behind, but in the process knocks down Holly, who is pulling the cart from up front. Holly insists on trading places but is then distracted by something she sees in the brush, leaving Will to try in vain at pulling the cart himself. Realizing that Holly has wandered off, Will frets, catching up with her only to have his sister pop out and scare him. Holly shows Will a giant egg shell she has just found. Will surmises that the shell is from a freshly hatched, very large dinosaur, so they had better leave the area quickly. They rush back to the cart, push together from behind, and head off.

After a while, the kids come upon a wild patch of volleyball-sized giant strawberries. Will mentions to Holly that Dad thinks there's something in the ground that's causing the fruits and vegetables to grow so large. After gathering a cart-full, they casually pull the cart back toward the cave, Will passing on to Holly that Dad attributes the presence of dinosaurs to the Marshalls' falling into another universe holding things from all times and places.

A sudden noise shifts Will and Holly into high gear, to escape whatever hatched from the giant egg. One of the wheels hits a large rock, stopping the cart and forcing the kids to take cover under it. When all is quiet, they peak their heads above the strawberries to find that the hatchling is a baby brontosaurus.

As the kids argue about its gender, Will says it looks dopey, leading Holly to name him just that. Holly playfully decides to feed Dopey a berry, but the children get into trouble when their new friend starts chasing after them and their tempting fruit. When Will and Holly foolishly flee between two trees, Dopey pursues the children, firmly wedges himself between the trunks and begins to wail. Holly's attempts to quiet the newborn by feeding him more berries work only temporarily, and inevitably, Grumpy's attention to the cries brings him closing in on the scene. The kids try desperately to scare Dopey out from his predicament, and Will succeeds just in time before Grumpy arrives. Will and Holly run off as soon as they can, having done what they could, leaving Dopey to make it on his own. While resting after their escape, Will sadly explains to Holly that unfair as it may be, Dopey probably didn't get away, but that's the law of the jungle.

Heading back to the cave with the cart, Will notices that the cart feels lighter and lighter as they pull. Holly discovers that Dopey is not only with them, but has eaten the entire cart-full of berries. Holly is ecstatic that their friend is still alive, but Will isn't as amused; he thinks they'd better get back to High Bluff before Dopey eats their cart!

Back at the cave, Dad sternly awaits an explanation to why the kids came back empty handed, but his question is answered simply by Dopey's arrival. Holly pleads unrelentingly to Dad to let them keep Dopey, despite Dad's position that you can't make a pet out of a dinosaur. When Will reminds Dad that Dopey followed them home, and that the problem is getting rid of him, Dad realizes that a 5000 pound dinosaur can stay anywhere it wants. To Holly's delight, Dopey stays.

Holly soon begins teaching Dopey tricks. Teaching him to fetch doesn't work, since he just eats the sticks, but Holly manages to ride his back. She even gets him to pull the cart by tempting him with a fresh leafy branch. Her attention to her new pet makes her late for supper, and even goes to the point of sleeping beside him at night at the base of the bluff.

Dopey wakes everyone up early, squawking and hungry. The noise promptly attracts Grumpy, sending Holly reluctantly up to the cave and Dopey into the jungle. Grumpy spots Dopey's tail, but the Marshalls are able to get the Tyrannosaur's attention enough to give him the Flyswatter.

Holly is delighted to see that Dopey is safe, but Dad gets her to realize that with Grumpy around, they just can't keep Dopey near the cave. With a little bit of Dad's nudging, Holly decides that finding a home for Dopey at the swamp with the other brontosaurs would be best for him, and she volunteers to take him there after they've eaten breakfast. Holly is sad at first, and is further upset by Will's teasing, but after his apology, some comforting, and an offer to visit Dopey with her any time she'd like, Holly cheers up.

The Marshalls lead Dopey down to the swamp, hoping that Emily will take to him as her own. Holly resorts to yelling at and scolding Dopey in her effort to disown him. Dad reminds her that she did the right thing, which the whole family soon sees as Emily takes fondly to her newly adopted baby.

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