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"The Paku Who Came to Dinner"

Episode 10

Airdate: 1974/11/09
Writer: Barry Blitzer
Director: Bob Lally

Dad and Holly are visiting the swamp; Dad admires Emily through his binoculars. Since it is a hot day, Holly toys with the fantasy of trading Emily's home, the cool swamp, with their own home, High Bluff Cave. She admits that it wouldn't be practical, and besides, Emily wouldn't like her new neighbor Grumpy; just then the tyrannosaur approaches the swamp's edge, but Emily remains safe in the water. Holly feels proud for having picked a safe home for Dopey, which leads her to remember when she brought the baby dinosaur to Emily. Dad decides that they have had enough excitement for the day, and as they start to head back, since Grumpy is down by the swamp, he asks Holly to go with her brother to gather fruit for dessert. Holly enthusiastically asks if she and Will can bring Dopey; Dad grants permission, as well as suggesting they use the giant cart, as long as she and her brother are careful.

Cha-Ka is following Ta and Sa through the jungle, when he overhears Will and Holly trying to get Dopey to pull their cart piled with strawberries. Will gripes to Holly as if it were her fault; she tries giving the baby brontosaur a berry without enticing him forward, so naturally Dopey simply chomps it without budging an inch (the foam head of Dopey chomping the berry is one of the series' cheesiest special effects). When Will impatiently comes up by Holly to complain, he is accidentally knocked to the ground as the little brontosaur turns to see him. They hear someone laughing, which turns out to be Cha-Ka, so they ask their Pakuni friend to help them push the cart. Dopey watches them trying to get the cart moving, and begins pulling it once the others have gotten it rolling. Holly at first gives Cha-Ka a kiss as a reward for helping, but after Will suggests giving him something he understands, her next approach is to give him a flower. That doesn't work either, since the Cha-Ka begins to eat it.

When Will and Holly arrive back at High Bluff, they explain their tardiness to Dad by mentioning that they got stuck. Holly points out that Cha-Ka helped them get going again, but unfortunately the Paku then followed them home; Will blames her for that fact since she kissed him in her appreciation. Dad calls an end to the quarrel, and instructs Will to release Dopey; the chubby little dinosaur then scoots off squawking. The kids are excited to see what their father has prepared for dinner, but Cha-ka is excited as well, exclaiming "dinda, meji" ("dinner, please"). Dad accepts the fact that the Paku has invited himself to dinner, so they all climb up to the cave for their meal.

Just before dinner, Holly freshens up by putting on some lipstick and dabbing on perfume. Once she sits down at their table, Will quick notices the fragrance; so does Cha-Ka, who doesn't mind sniffing Holly closely. After Dad comments to Will that his daughter is becoming a lady, Will half-sarcastically compliments her appearance. Dad serves a lopsided gourd-bowl of salad and requests in their company's honor that they all show their best manners. Will tries to teach their guest to be polite and say "please" after the Paku impatiently bangs on the table; when Cha-Ka is obviously annoyed, Holly scolds her brother for lecturing a guest on table manners. She argues that it is Cha-Ka's first time at a table, but Will replies with the fact that it is his first time having a Paku over for dinner! Dad serves the main course, which is roasted wild chicken. Holly scolds Cha-Ka when he grabs for a drumstick, committing the very same error as her brother just did; she then forgives him, admitting that he is probably used to eating meals with his own people, the Pakuni. Will judges that the Pakuni aren't "people" since they lack manners, but Dad advises his son not to be intolerant of other cultures. Holly tries getting Cha-Ka to ask for a drumstick by saying "meji", but the frustrated Paku only chants it out while banging the table.

After dinner is over, Will and his sister take out the garbage in a rectangular reed basket; in the cool night air, Holly wears her dark brown jean jacket. The kids don't make it any farther than the base of the bluff when Grumpy comes out from the jungle, roaring and angry. Will announces that the "garbage man" has come for pick-up, so they rush back into the cave. Grumpy growls near the cave entrance, then decides to chomp the garbage basket.

Dad allows Cha-Ka to sleep overnight, but lets him know that he will have to go back to his own people when it is safe the next morning. The Paku boy whimpers while curled up under his blanket; Will complains, but Holly guesses that their guest is afraid of the dark (no way would Cha-Ka have such a fear at his age after living in the jungle, unless the three moons in the sky consistently give off adequate light). She provides him with a "night light" (a softly glowing yellow crystal), but she places it behind his head, making it essentially useless. Will playfully adds that perhaps she should read their guest a bedtime story, suggesting the one about "Snow White and the Seven Pakuni". The Marshall kids then hit the sack with a smirk on their faces.

The next morning, Dopey grazes in the jungle. In the Marshall's cave, Dad comments on how Cha-Ka can still smell Holly's perfume. Holly at first tries to explain it as "the mark of a good perfume", but then admits to the fact that she spilled some on her jacket. Cha-Ka is hungry, stating "ita" to Dad, but before they can have breakfast, Holly must go fetch some water. She tries to get Will to go but has no such luck. She calls for Cha-Ka to join her but Dad insists he stay at the cave, giving Holly more incentive to hurry right back.

Cha-Ka follows Holly's smell to the mouth of the cave, but his attention turns to Ta and Sa when he smells them approaching. The little Paku shouts and waves his hands to get his clansmen's attention. Will and Dad rush out to see what all the commotion is about; Ta and Sa call out in Pakuni for Cha-Ka to come with them. When their little Paku guest huddles by Dad, refusing to go, Dad is quite concerned since Ta and Sa believe that Cha-Ka is being held captive. He tries to explain to Cha-Ka that he must go with his own people, but Grumpy shows up, forcing them back into the cave. Ta and Sa hold their ground by the edge of the jungle, threatening the tyrannosaur with their large sharpened sticks. Grumpy turns his attention to the Pakuni and chases them off; Will and Dad step back outside once the coast is clear. Dad assures his son that Ta and Sa will get away; Grumpy cannot run far without getting tired, and besides, he is so noisy that he can be heard 2 miles away. Even so, Dad hopes that his daughter will watch out for the beast; Will adds that Grumpy may smell Holly's perfume several miles away.

Holly is on her way back with the water when she encounters Ta and Sa scurrying along the path. She offers them water, but Ta knocks the jugs out of her hands. The Pakuni mention "omu wesa", noting the fragrant perfume she is wearing; Ta shoves her with his stick, demanding "yeba" -- that she come with them. Holly walks ahead of the Pakuni with her hands up, but she complains to Ta that he should be polite and say "meji". The elder paku only becomes angered, shoving Holly once more. She shoves him back, but then backs off; when Ta turns to talk to Sa, Holly makes her escape. Sa bumps into Ta, whereupon he scolds her; the Pakuni then chase after Holly through the jungle. Ta and Sa catch up to Holly when she suddenly stops along the path; the Pakuni at first sniff her, but then realize that Grumpy stands across the clearing. Holly gulps in fear since the tyrannosaur spots them; the Pakuni simply point out Grumpy, exclaiming "akingo". Somehow the scene switches to a wide open fork in the path (a recycled animation scene from "Tag Team"); Ta flees one way, Holly and Sa take the other.

After Ta and Sa regroup, they smell Holly resting nearby; Holly awkwardly tries to stall by making small talk. Ta, however, does not hesitate to pick her up, throw her over his shoulder, and carry her off. Back at High Bluff, Cha-Ka sits moping at the ledge of the cave mouth, but when he asks "ita, meji", Will says that they need Holly to return with the water to finish breakfast. Dad steps outside and points out the stormy skies approaching (the cheesy special effect of bubbling pink fog shown upside down); after Will mentions that Holly should have returned by now, Dad decides that they had better go out and find her. Will invites Cha-Ka to go along, too. They hear Grumpy's distant roar as they climb down from their cave; Cha-Ka then smells Holly's trail, and points in her direction.

Cha-Ka leads Will and Dad through the jungle after Holly; meanwhile, lightning shoots out from the approaching storm clouds. Dad urges that they find Holly as soon as possible, since the storm does not look like it will blow over quickly. Will is worried that Grumpy may have gotten Holly, but Dad directs them to keep on searching. Cha-Ka picks up Holly's scent, and leads Will to Holly's footprints; the little Paku confirms that the other tracks are from Ta and Sa. Dad notices that they are fresh, and that Ta's tracks become quite deep; he concludes that for some reason Ta must have carried Holly off. Dad then realizes that Ta and Sa must be reacting to Holly's perfume, so he calls upon them to quickly follow the tracks.

Ta and Sa have Holly sitting on a stump, where they swarm around her to sniff the fragrant perfume. Holly tries to warn them that there are laws against holding prisoners; the Pakuni, however,are unfazed when she cites the Geneva Convention. Squatting down to peer through the entrance to the Pakuni Enclosure, Dad sees that Holly is unharmed, and crawls on through. Holly whines to Dad that Ta and Sa won't let her go, since they are obsessed with the sweet smell of her perfume. Will suggests that she give them the fragrant perfume, but Holly foolishly whines that it belongs to her. Dad teases Holly by starting to leave, noting that he and Will know where she is, and that the Pakuni will take good care of her. He lets his daughter know he was kidding when she whines for him to come back, but he insists that she is going to have to leave her jacket behind. The Pakuni swarm around her as she abandons her jacket on a bush; she then goes ahead to empty the rest of the perfume bottle on it. Grumpy then shows up, peering over the high bamboo wall; the tyrannosaur is also attracted to the perfume. The Marshalls flee the compound, but the Pakuni keep sniffing the jacket; they back away only when Grumpy crashes through the bamboo wall. The tyrannosaur sniffs the jacket, then proceeds to chomp the entire bush along with it whole; after smelling where the bush stood, the mighty beast wanders off. Cha-Ka is confused, fearing that Grumpy ate Holly, but Holly calls out to her Paku friend to let him know that she is alright. The Pakuni gather around Holly, smelling the residual perfume on her, making Holly quite upset that she just cannot seem to get away. Dad assures his distraught daughter that since the smell on her is wearing off, the Pakuni will now most likely let her go. As she bids them goodbye, Cha-Ka gives her a flower; she follows his gestures to pick off a piece to eat it, and is surprised that it actually tastes good. Everyone is quite amused by Holly's discovery; Will and Dad laugh aloud, while the Pakuni bob up and down silently.

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