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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: The Thief "The Thief"
Written by Michelle Rifkin
Directed by Frank DePalma
Original airdate: November
23, 1991

Stink is blamed for stealing the Porter’s possessions from the tree-house.

Didja Notice?

Annie is seen drawing a portrait of Christa, her gift for the jungle girl's birthday. Stink begins pawing at the canvas, acting as if it is the real Christa trapped in the art until Annie explains it to him. Doesn't it seem, from what we've seen of him, that Stink is more sophisticated than that? He should know what a drawing is. Perhaps he was merely clowning around with Annie?

At 5:26 in the episode, Kevin refers to the tree-house as the dwelling-hut. He must have picked up the term from both Christa and the Sleestaks, who refer to the home as a dwelling-hut.

Around 6:03 in the episode, Kevin dumps his load of colored stones on the table and brags about how he is going to make Christa the world's baddest necklace. But the arrangement of the stones on the table keeps changing from one camera shot to the next!

At 8:54 in the episode, Stink is listening and dancing to music on the Porters' boombox. Here are the lyrics of the song, as best as I can make out:
You drive me wild
And you're making me crazy
You drive me wild
And you're making me crazy

Kevin enters and shuts off the music at this point.

At 17:16 in the episode, Kevin is trying to fend off the pterodactyl that has captured him. While doing so, he calls the flying reptile Big Bird! Big Bird is a towering, yellow bird character on the children's PBS television series Sesame Street.

At 18:46 in the episode, Kevin apologizes to Stink, calling himself "a total barney." defines "barney" as
1. Informal.
a. an argument.
b. a prizefight.
c. a fight or brawl.
d. a blunder or mistake.
I suppose Kevin could be referring to "d. a blunder or mistake". I wonder if the term was also intended as a joke, referring to the costumed children's television character Barney, a purple dinosaur.

We see Kevin and Stink carrying a few of the items stolen from the tree-house while they escape from the pterodactyl's nest. Presumably, the Porters returned to the nest later to get the rest of their stuff.

When Kevin said he was going to make the world's baddest necklace, he wasn't's truly hideous! He should have broken the stones into smaller pieces first! Christa seems touched by the gift though, even giving the Kevster a kiss on the mouth!

Pakuni translations
Time in episode Pakuni English
7:17 Stink says, "Anu." "No."
7:22 Stink says, "Anu." "No."
8:35 Christa says, "Acuba ne." "Farewell."
8:38 Annie says, "Acuba ne." "Farewell."
9:20 Stink says, "Anu. Anu! Anu!" "No. No! No!"
15:20 Stink says, "coomazumazee" pterodactyl
16:09 Stink says, "coomazumazee" pterodactyl
17:54 Stink says, "Poosafoosa." "Quickly."
17:57 Stink says, "Coomazumazee." "Pterodactyl."
20:28 Christa says, "Daiyay." "Thank you."
21:04 Christa says, "Shooka-shooka..." "Necklace..."
22:12 Stink says, "Daiyay, Kevin Porter!" "Thank you, Kevin Porter!"

Memorable Dialog

love me forever.wav
a new sports car.wav
total geek.wav
yo, Stink.wav
what you got in the bag.wav
Stink good Paku.wav
total Barney.wav
hamburger and fries.wav

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