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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"The Sleestak God"

0128: Broom of sticks and straws. Homemade rope. Cage made of sticks and rope.

01:37: Two large plastic water bottles

02:06: Large crevasse with rock bridge. This is 'on the way' to where they get water at the waterhole.

03:08: It is through this path that they find the Lost City and Big Alice the Allosaurus.

04:38: Will has a lanyard and a camping mirror which he uses Morse Code to signal a message. Holly doesn't know Morse Code very well.

05:50: Here Will and Holly come across the large patch of red sand. Apparently it is large enough or some anomaly allows it to mislead them into going in circles.

07:49: Will and Chaka run into Spike the Triceratops.

08:24: Will, Holly and Chaka find a large rock big enough to hide them all from Spike.

09:20: Will carries a sharp non-folding knife in a belt sheath and a green plastic camping canteen.

10:45: Here they find the outside of the Lost City that has the obelisks with 'Beware of Sleestak' written in English on it. The
ground is covered in fog.

11:59: Here is where we first see the Sleestak.

12:52: The Sleestak carry hand-crossbows and a quiver of bolts at their belt.

13:24: Rick wears a red backpack with a non-folding camping shovel strapped to it.

14:14 Will and Holly are trapped in a net over the pit of the Sleestak god. The net is hung from the ceiling and has a wooden
platform under it. It swings enough to jump from if the net is opened.

14:52: We hear the roar of the Sleestak god from the pit below. Fog comes out of the pit, obscuring their view below.

17:10 There is an archway in the Lost City where Alice wanders near.

18:12 Here is a square doorway which apparently leads to the pit of the Sleestak god.

18:53 Apparently through the square halls are pylon-carved walls through the Lost City.

18:58 Marshall carries a torch he's made from a stick found outside the Lost City. He uses this to drive off the Sleestak who appear to be afraid of fire.

21:15 Dropping a torch into the Pit of the Sleestak god causes some sort of light flame up.

21:35 Chaka plays with Marshal's lighter. Apparently this is how he made the torch.