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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"The Search"

01:36 Apparently the Marshals make it a habit of looking for Light crystals in the Lost City when they can get past the Allosaurus (Big Alice).

02:15 Apparently the Land of the Lost has lots of stinging bugs.

02:31 In a new area outside of Lost City of where they have been they find mine-sized piles of rocks embedded with crystals. While in these Crystal Fields Rick puts two (green and red) together to test them and finds that they are the kind that when you put them together create a short burst of light.

02:48 Will mentions the other crystals that create the force field that shocked the Sleestaks. Rick notes that they shouldn't just grab them at random because some are powerful and could be dangerous.

03:17 The Marshalls note that Enik is probably still in the Lost City trying to get through the Time Doorway again trying to get back to his own world.

03:15 Holly also has a plastic green camping canteen on her belt.

03:34 Rick notes that Enik doesn't want to be bothered, but Will thinks that because they have found this Crystal Field that can use the crystals to create the force field and convince Enik to help them get home. But Rick notes that they aren't sure which crystals create the force filed. Will and Holly think it may be Blue and Red crystals.

03:43 Rick puts together a red and yellow crystal but this makes an explosion.

04:12 Rick then tries Blue and Green crystals. Nothing seems to happen.

04:30 Rick then tries Red and Blue which also doesn't seem to do anything.

04:40 Rick tries the combination of Red, Blue and Yellow crystals which seems to shock Rick 'like lightning'. He falls to the ground. Rick can't even stand up after the shock.

06:00 Will refers to Enik as 'Enik the Alien'.

07:00 Will suspects that Enik might be back in his own time now but still has to make sure.

07:32 After dodging Big Alice around pillars and hiding behind large rocks Will manages to run through the square entrance to the Lost City.

08:30 Holly manages to carry his father back to High Bluff.

09:15 Holly tries to use The Basket to haul her father up to the cave. Rick is still week from the shock of the crystals.

11:19 Apparently the Marshals have built two baskets which Holly tries to fill with rocks stored near the entrance to the cave to counterbalance Rick's weight in the basket on the ground. When she adds her own weight this works to haul Rick up to the cave.

13:05 Will in the Lost City underground tunnels can hear the sound of the Time Doorway and assumes that Enik is still here.

14:10 Rick tells Holly that she is just as headstrong as her mother. Bright, strong, and never took a backseat to anyone. She was beautiful. Holly barely remembers her.

15:14 Will arrives at Enik's cave at a critical moment. Enik is about to start the final countdown for the dimensional doorway. This is the cave with the three foot large crystals embedded in the way. Enik is concentrating on the proper sequence of the crystals in the control pedestal.

15:45 The final countdown has started. The dimensional doorway will connect with Enik's world for a few moments only. If Enik does not go through at the precise time, he will miss his chance to return home.

16:14 Enik pushes Will away with Telekinetics (from the crystal around his neck?).

17:14 Holly throws two crystals (red and blue) to create an explosion that drives Grumpy (The T-Rex) away from the cave entrance.

18:20 The crystal sequence must be controlled precisely to open the Dimensional Doorway. It will move through time and space showing faster and faster moving images outside of its fog shrouded doorway.

18:56 The Doorway has stopped momentarily on Earth and Enik tries to hold the sequence for a few seconds and tries to talk Will into going home. But Will cannot leave his father and Holly behind.

19:50 Enik will not allow Will's self control to be stronger than Enik's. Enik is ashamed. Enik wonders if it is a law that human beings will stick together. Enik passes a hand over the crystal pedestal and closes the dimensional doorway. Enik cannot allow Will's sacrifice to be greater than Enik's. Enik must show as much self control as Will .This is Altrusian law. It is their way of life.

21:03 Enik tells Holly and Will that the two stones produce too much energy for their human bodies to absorb. The effect caused shock to Ricks nervous system and could have been fatal. Enik uses two glowing crystals held near Ricks' head to heal Rick. He feels fine. According to Enik the energy of the healing cycle has restored balance to Ricks body. The condition Rick was in lasted most of the day.

21:44 Enik says that it's was Wills sacrifice that forced him to come here.