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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"The Stranger"

01:20 An area of mist on the ground.

02:09 Large green and yellow striped melons as well as large green
and dark green grapes.

02:17 There are large pomegranate/ persimmon red and dark red fruits
here as well.

02:29 Rick calls this place the Arbor and indicates that they already
know which foods are safe to eat.

02:38 Will and holly have burlap bags with shoulder straps they use
to carry fruits in.

02:52 In the 'Arbor' area there is a cave (apparently Enik's cave)
entrance. Two Sleestak are nearby.

04:00 After a couple of passages they come to a room that has two
knee high crystals, one glowing green and one glowing red as well as
a rock pedestal that has a glowing crystal suspended in a triangle
frame (the Mageti). It glows brightly according to the anger in the

It also apparently gives Will and Holly the ability to
telekinetically push each other.

04:59 The cave apparently circles through two more passageways to
come back on itself.

05:26 At least three Sleestaks live here.

05:34 Enik states that the Mageti is not so much a key as a divining

05:41 Enik, who wears an orange sparkly tunic, a bracelet seemingly
made of large red rubies and a necklace calls himself an Altrusian.

He also says that he has fallen through a dimensional doorway.

06:41 The Mageti is a tool for travelling through the universe. It
could also help the Marshals go home if Enik could find the proper

07:21 Taking the Mageti by force could render the object inoperative.

Enik says that "We" are the keepers of the time portal through which
all travel is accomplished. The Mageti is an instrument to locate and
fix all dimensional doorways so that these journeys can be taken.

07:54 Rick determines that Enik is a Telepath.

08:37 The Mageti determines where and when all doorways shall open.
It was therefore important that it has a self-destruct mechanism that
responds to hostile and aggressive thoughts so that a warlike race
intent on taking over other worlds through the doorways could not
take it over.

It has a built-in telepathic amplifier that up to a point will carry
out the hostile and aggressive impulses anyone near it is thinking.

It's circuits would overload and it would cease to function if
someone tried to use this defensive mechanism aggressively.

09:45 Enik states that Altrusians are incapable of lying.

10:15 Enik states that he does not know the way to the Marshalls

10:39 Enik states that the human race is inferior because they are
quick to do battle and quick to destroy. So apparently Enik is
familiar with humans.

10:51 Enik states that anger is kept in check and this is why his
race has endured so long and progressed so far.

11:03 Enik states that if it were not for an unknown disturbance
(perhaps the Marshals coming through the doorway?) he would be with
his people now.

11:13 The necklace that Enik wears is a companion piece to the
Mageti. In conjunction with an external power source it could serve
as a Mageti, though the power source would not be sustained for long.

11:31 Enik states that the crystals are not jewels but forth-
dimensional nodes, the source of power.

11:43 Enik does not believe that it is possible to have these
crystals all over the place. Enik also does not know about the Lost

12:13 When the Marshalls take Enik to the Lost City, Enik says that
he can keep the Sleestaks from attacking, but they do not listen to

12:45 Enik cannot believe that his Sleestak ancestors are not

13:31 Sleestak are lousy shots with their hand crossbow, but they get

13:43 Big Alice chases Sleestak out of the area outside the Lost City.

14:13 Enik realizes that he went forward in time. The Lost City
was 'his' city. Enik realizes that the Sleestak did not keep their
anger in check and destroyed their future.

15:23 The Marshals help Enik find a room in the lost city that has
walls lined with head-sized and fist-sized crystals in the wall.

16:42 Enik decides to warn his people that what lies ahead is war and
destruction. He is non-refutable.

17:19 Enik can use one of the crystal tables to recharge the Mageti's
companion piece.

18:05 Enik can apparently use his telepathy to cause frightening
appearances in both Will and Holly. Will sees something 'terrible'
while Holly believes she is going to fall.

18:56 Enik attacks the Marshalls mind and brings up each of the
Marshalls worst fears in a mist.

21:28 Enik tells Will and Holly to take two crystals from the wall,
a blue and a green one. He states that touching them together will
create a Force Field that lasts for a short amount of time (and will
also cover Rick if he touches them).

Enik states that the Sleestak will not bother him.

22:08 The Force Field created by the Blue and Green crystals give the
Sleestak a slight electric shock which drives them away.