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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"The Paku Who Came to Dinner"

01:13 A Brontosaurus (probably Emily)

01:28 Rick owns a pair of binoculars. Holly notices that it is very
hot and that Emily has an 'Olympic-sized' swamp.

03:13 Holly calls the wooden cart the 'Strawberry Cart' and notes
that it is heavy.

03:36 Rick calls the cart 'The World's Largest Shopping Cart' and
notes that while Grumpy (T-Rex) is occupied in the swamp it allows
Will and Holly to gather some giant strawberries for desert.

06:18 It seems that in the Marshall family in the Land of the Lost
each of them takes turns making dinner.

06:57 Holly appears to have brought lipstick, a purse, perfume and a
compact mirror along with her.

07:30 The Marshalls Kitchen appears to be their bamboo table with four
legs, and three large wooden bowls (apparently made from gourds).

07:50 Rick recommends that in honor of Chaka they should all put on
their 'company manners'.

07:53 Rick also has a very long wooden gourd in which he serves corn
on the cob
. Another wooden bowl is brought out in which Rick serves
wild chicken. Apparently a trap he set finally worked.

09:02 Will mentions taking the trash out to a place he called 'The
Garbage Dump' where they apparently bury their trash. This place is
apparently far enough away that it is a 'hike'.

09:48 Grumpy eats the trash that Will and Holly abandon to escape

09:51 There appears to be three large moons in the sky.

10:26 Holly puts a green crystal down on the grown and pushes on it
and it apparently starts a very small green glow. This glow lasts
much longer than any other light we have seen from crystals.

11:15 Holly has a red corduroy jacket (that she spilled perfume on).
Apparently Chaka likes the smell of the perfume on Holly.

11:42 The Marshalls also take turns retrieving water (with their two
large plastic camping jugs) in the morning. Occasionally they trade

12:13 Apparently Chaka can smell Ta and Sa even before he sees them.

12:25 Ta and Sa have apparently learned to use sticks with sharpened
points as weapons

13:36 Rick isn't concerned about Grumpy eating Ta and Sa because
Grumpy can't run very far without getting tired and he is so clumsy
you can hear him two miles away.

14:05 Ta makes Holly drop her water jugs and Holly runs away without

16:15 Ta is apparently strong enough to carry Holly over his

16:46 Will mentions that you shouldn't hurry Holly.

16:55 Rick says that he thinks a storm is coming up. The sky is
filled with red and yellow roiling clouds.

17:36 The storm from the red clouds comes with Lightning.

18:20 Chaka seems to be able to track somewhat.

18:40 Rick can tell by the depth of Ta's footprints that he was
carrying Holly.

19:07 Ta and Sa apparently like the way Holly smells. Holly doesn't
feel the same way about the way they smell.

19:32 We are apparently in the Pakuni Compound which is a large
bamboo walled enclosure with a pedestal that Holly sits on, a small
bush in the middle. A 3 feet high open doorway in the enclosure. IT
also seems to have a fire pit made of a circle of rocks. There is
also a large clay pot on the ground and some sort of tray. Grumpy
easily smashes one wall of the compound so that he can eat Holly's

21:07 Ta and Sa are apparently confused and believe that that Holly
was eaten by Grumpy.

21:52 Holly apparently discovers a bright yellow flower (given to her
by Chaka) that is edible.