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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"The Hole"

1:35 The Lost City (and the Lost City Archway) is pretty quiet today.
Will guesses that Big Alice is out hunting. So it's a pretty sure bet
that Big Alice lives there.

2:06 Rick mentions that the first rule of survival is to never assume

2:31 Holly complains that she has to clean up the cave all the time.
She is using a large hand-made broom.

2:34 Holly misses 'Comanche'. She hopes someone is feeding him his
oats every day. So apparently she used to take care of a horse.

02:55 Holly intimates that Dopey is afraid to come to High Bluff when
Will and Rick are home.

3:16 Holly mentions that Dopey is supposed to be with Emily at the

3:34 Holly refers to the sounds that Dopey makes as 'beeping'.

3:52 Rick has figured out the lost city caverns enough to know where
the Sleestak Pit is. Will mentions that it is quiet and therefore the
thing in the pit must have fed.

4:44 Rick falls into the Sleestak Pit. This is the Hole.

5:06 A Sleestak in the Hole of No Return can speak English and knows
Rick's first and last name. He says that the Sleestak knows "many
things". He mentions that the monster in the pit is their god and
this is the Hole of No Return. When he gets hunger he will come out
and they will both be devoured. He says that Rick is not the first
and that many humans have come here before. Some disappear, some die.
He says that only once has someone escaped from the Hole of No
Return. It is a legend that happened before the new god was hatched.

6:55 Rick tells Will to go back to the cave and get that long rope.
And hurry.

7:05 The Talking Sleestak can tell from the growling of the Sleestak
God that it is already getting hungry.

7:22 Will hides from being chased by Big Alice in a giant, empty egg

7:38 S'latch (the Talking Sleestak) does not know when the last time
the Sleestak God was fed because he does not take place in the
ritual. S'latch carries a hand-crossbow and quiver of bolts.

7:58 S'latch calls Big Alice Selima. It means protector. The Sleestak
come from eggs. Selima protects the eggs from the other animals until
they are hatched and they can rejoin the others. When Rick asks why
the Sleestak are hostile toward them, S'latch says they are trying to
protect the only thing they know is theirs. You see, the Sleestak
exist within this city. They know that their ancestors built it, but
they do not know how or why. It is the only thing that the Sleestak
have to make them secure. Those that have ventured across the split
in the earth (the crevasse?) have never returned. And so they stay
here and protect what is ours from anyone who tries to intrude. Rick
mentions that the Sleestak's ancestors must have been very
intelligent to build this city. S'latch replies that this is true,
but our ancestors also became warlike and barbarian. They destroyed
each other. Those that remained are the strong and uneducated. So
they are doomed to live the existence they have inherited. S'latch
says that his people are not intelligent. That he is in the Hole of
No Return because every once in a while a genetic fluke causes a
Sleestak to be born with intelligence. He was born with the knowledge
of the universe. Rick notes that his ancestors must have been
geniuses. Because S'latch was born with the traits of his ancestors
he is considered a freak and therefore a threat to their existence.
They have left him there to die as they do all others who are born
like S'latch.

10:43 Holly continues to try to teach Dopey to play fetch, but he
still keeps eating the stick.

10:59 S'latch says that the Sleestak Pit (which is filled with mist
even at the bottom of the hole) is at least 7 meters (23 feet).
S'latch offers his crossbow bolts to use as mountain climbing pitons.

12:47 Holly reminds Rick that she can't lift the flyswatter by
herself. She uses a couple of 'hot crystals' (a red and yellow) to
cause a blast that scares Grumpy away.

14:17 Rick uses a large rock found in the Sleestak Pit to pound
S'latch's bolts into the wall. S'latch mentions that they will have
to be careful when they get to the top because his people will not
understand them helping each other. S'latch thinks it would be good
to have 'brotherhood' .

14:51 S'latch believes he is meant to end his life in the pit.

15:15 Will runs across the crevasse to get to the Lost City (from
left to right).

15:48 S'latch mentions that even if he is free, he will have no place
to go because his people have rejected him.

15:51 Rick says that S'latch was born to teach his people peace and
understanding. To teach them to better themselves to live in harmony.
This is why he was born with the knowledge he possesses. If he quits
now he is no better than the people who built this beautiful city and
left his people to a barbaric heritage.

16:27 Big Alice is eating the carcass of some unknown animal outside
the Lost City.

17:12 Rick says that he is just a man trying to stay alive in a very
hostile world. S'latch says that this is what his world 'has become'.
He says that Rick has inspired him and will try to help his people.
Rick and S'latch say goodbye until they meet again. S'latch has hands
like the Sleestak (rather than like Enik's).

18:17 Holly notices a hole on the other side of the Pit of the
Sleestak God. They go through the hole and Will notices that they have
descended at least 7 meters. The mist is very thick. They actually
wind up going to the bottom of the Sleestak pit and wind up in the
same place as Rick climbed out. They hear the Sleestak Monster coming
and Rick prepares to defend it with his belt knife, but a rope is
dropped down into the pit and Will and Holly climb out with it.
S'latch has lowered a rope for them and pulls Rick out.

20:51 S'latch tells them to leave quickly because the Sleestak must
still feed the hungry god. Sleestak arrive and S'latch tells them to
come no closer, but they do not listen to S'latch.

21:34 S'latch does not know what Enik is. He has not met them.
S'latch was born with the intelligence of their ancestors. For some
reason the operation of the pylons and the matrix are not part of the
knowledge that S'latch was born with. They say goodbye by shaking
hands. S'latch tells Rick to 'Have a Long Life. Farewell.'