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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


1:54 Will and Holly are using nylon rope to pull giant carrots out of
the ground in the carrot patch.

2:00 Will sees white, pink and blue chickens and realizes that they
might be good to eat.

2:10 Apparently Will had tried to catch these chickens before but
failed because Holly tripped and yelled.

2:42 Holly sees three floating Skylons about the Pylon next to the
carrot patch.

3:33 Will states that everything here is dangerous.

3:51 Apparently Holly had dolls when she was younger.

4:09 Will misses most riding his bike to the park to play ball.

4:13 Holly misses falling down and skinning her knees and "Feeny's"
dog jumping up and getting mud all over her dress.

4:30 Rick uses a mirror on a string across his neck to signal Will
and Holly.

4:48 Will has a matching signal mirror and replies to Rick. He notes
that Holly out to practice more, but she is too fast.

5:16 Will notices that the Pylon nearby seems to react to his signal
mirror. The pylon shines a blue light in response to it.

5:52 Holly follows Will and he catches her, asking if she signaled
her father. She says that she did not because she forgot how to make
the "P" in "Pylon". Will mentions that they can't signal their father
now because they are out of sight of High Bluff.

6:20 The Compsognathus (Spot) is nearly and eaten by Grumpy (the
Tyrannosaur) .

7:44 Will tries to flash the signal mirror at the small pyramid
protrusion over the pylon door and it falls off. Will picks it up and
notices that it is heavy.

7:58 Will mentions that they have talked about what will happen if
they're father is no longer around in 'Family Council'.

8:09 Will tries to put the pyramid back onto the pylon but it seems
to repulse from the pylon.

8:30 Will finally succeeds in putting the pyramid back onto the pylon
which opens the door in the pylon. Will mentions that his hand
tingles from the effort.

9:08 Holly mentions that it looks like it goes on forever in the
pylon. They seem to be bigger on the inside than on the outside.

9:12 The interior of the pylon is dark, but there is a crystal
pedestal filled with multi-colored glowing crystals inside.

9:58 Spike (the Triceratops) on the loose in the jungle.

10:15 Grumpy tries to bite the pylon and it delivers a shock to him.

10:44 Holly and Will both touch crystals on the pedestal which
appears to cause real lightning and thunder in the Land of the Lost.

12:08 Blue, red, green and yellow. Holly tries to determine what
touching different crystals in sequence causes.

12:34 Apparently this causes gale force winds.

12:46 Rick mentions there being a "Pakuni Compound". Apparently the
Weather Pylon is away from the Pakuni Compound,.

13:45 Rick sees the Skylons in the sky, which has turned red and dark
blue. They appear to change colors from green and yellow.

14:57 It is starting to hail, with hail so cold it burns.

15:28 A tree has fallen on Will.

17:04 The Dinosaurs start migrating in response to the extreme

17:41 The Marshalls wind up at a pool, that they dive into.

18:04 Green, yellow, blue, the Skylons flash through the sky.

18:35 Yellow, Green, Red, Blue. Holly notices a sequence in the
Skylons flashing. Red caused thunder when touched by Will. Rick
figures out that the colors are flashed in the opposite of the
sequence that they were touched. Rick uses his signal mirror to try
to communicate with the Skylons.

20:12 Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. Will touches the sequence on the
crystal table in the Weather Pylon.

20:53 Rick turns the pyramid attached to the pylon and closes the
door to the weather pylon.

21:24 Rick speculates that when Enik's people built the land of the
lost they built it to be in perfect balance.

21:53 Rick speculates that since the pylons control the weather they
may also control the devices that control the devices in the time

21:59 Rick speculates that the Skylons are the protectors of the
pylons. When something goes wrong they come over to find out why.

22:10 Holly mentions that Rick said that anyone who saw something
first could name it.